Build it your way: FocusVision Decipher Innovations

Build it your way: FocusVision Decipher Innovations

Surveys are the quickest and easiest way to speak to your customers directly and hear their voice. As data democratization crosses business, all departments are keen to learn more – be it understanding customers’ recent experience, satisfaction with products and services, or monitoring brand metrics such as NPS and purchase intent. Surveys can be run at regular intervals to track performance over time while ‘just in time’ studies can answer unexpected or pressing business questions. However they are used, the insights gathered are invaluable.

At FocusVision, we know how important it is to obtain the data you need as quickly and efficiently as possible, so we continue to innovate to make our solutions easier than ever for all departments to use.

With this in mind, and hot on the heels of last month’s Sample Marketplace release, the latest FocusVision Decipher innovations continues our drive to deliver technology that supports you, the researcher, in your ultimate goal of providing cost-effective, timely insights.

The survey creation stage often takes far longer than you hope. The questionnaire design phase frequently involves collaboration from several teams with a Microsoft Word™ document circulated many times over as each group provides their input. Once all parties provide final approval, the Word questionnaire then needs to be translated into an online survey, a time-consuming task that traditionally involves the specialized skills of a programmer. At this point, hours or most likely days tick by as you wait for the online version. All of this eats into time you don’t have – you need to get into field, analyze your data, and share insights quickly.

Today we released the “Start with Word” feature, enabling you to upload your Microsoft Word™ questionnaire and view a draft of your online survey within moments. Our proprietary AI-enabled technology automatically detects question types and answer options, translating them into an online survey that you then review and customize. There is no need to convert to a txt file or add any syntax. Directly uploading your Microsoft Word™ questionnaire eliminates many of the pain points, significantly reduces programming time and allows you to get your survey into field much faster.

Now within FocusVision Decipher, there are three ways that you can build your survey:

  • Start with Word: the newly released capability to upload your Microsoft Word questionnaire, which quickly detects question types and answer options to translate the document into an online survey within moments.
  • Start with a Template: save even more time and financial resources by using a pre-programmed template created by our in-house research experts to answer time-sensitive questions such as ad testing, brand awareness, or understand your Net Promotor Score.
  • Start from Scratch: you can build your questionnaire from scratch as you’ve always done, making use of FocusVision Decipher’s advanced programming features.

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Getting the Most Out of the Latest FocusVision Decipher Innovations

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Don’t forget you can add a video open-end question to help humanize your survey data and let your customers tell their stories. There is no better way to get close to your customers by hearing their voices and seeing their faces, allowing you to understand their truth.

In short, you can build your survey your way and, together with Sample Marketplace, you can be in field quicker and more efficiently than ever.

At FocusVision, we are committed to providing scalable, faster solutions that streamline the research process and support researchers in their ultimate goal of cost-effective, timely insights that gets you closer to your Customer Truth faster than ever before. As research and the researchers’ role evolves and transforms, we’ll continue to innovate our tools to support this journey. Today’s innovations are another step, and we look forward to releasing more in the near future.

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