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Introducing: The Moderators’ Voice Blog Series

by Zoe Dowling

The focus group. It’s one of the most commonly used qualitative approaches, employed across the full spectrum of industries and research questions. Its venerable origins date back nearly eight decades. Yet it also has a troubled past; frequently the butt of jokes and suggestions, while its future is subject to regular calls predicting its death.  Given all the recent talk…

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Who Will Carry the Qualitative Torch?

by Mike Kuehne

For what seems like the last decade, researchers and news outlets have predicted the demise of face-to-face qualitative research. It’s hard not to blame them. Over the past ten years, more and more people are opting for digital interactions instead of face-to-face contact in their daily lives. Communication, and by proxy qualitative research, is changing due in large part to…

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The Third Age of Focus Groups

by Mike Kuehne

Introducing FV360 Live and FV Video Insights The 360° camera was the big noise in tech for consumers in 2016, but what about its use in business? By now most of us have witnessed the magic of the technology behind a Go-Pro video experience. Watching a flat screen turn into an action-packed experience, where technology translates into intense emotions, closeness…

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FocusVision VideoStreaming: Live streaming focus group video from anywhere in the world

VideoStreaming has a new look!

by Annabel Starratt

VideoStreaming by FocusVision allows viewers everywhere to observe and interact with focus groups and IDIs. Whether you are watching live remotely or from the backroom with our new immersive FV360 Live experience, you can be a part of the action from any location! VideoStreaming is getting a makeover, providing a more modern experience with fewer distractions. Don’t worry, VideoStreaming still has…

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Piloting Memphis: A New Immersive Focus Group Video Experience

by Steve August

2016 has been an exciting time at FocusVision. There’s been a tremendous spirit of innovation and nowhere is that more evident than with our flagship qualitative offering VideoStreaming, which captures interviews and focus groups from everywhere, and delivers them to you anywhere. Today, FocusVision is making public Memphis, FocusVision’s code name for a breakthrough new system that we believe will change…

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