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Moderators’ Voice Series: Is Empathy a Muscle?

by Jenny Karubian

Apple Computers described empathy as the fundamental principle of their brand DNA in the early 1980s. The “Apple Marketing Philosophy”, an internal memo, stated that Apple would truly understand customer needs “better than any other company.”  Since that time, empathy has become a popular buzzword across the tech and market research industries. But what is empathy? Is it a skill set?…

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Moderators’ Voice Series: Getting to Know Susan Fader, Insight Navigator

by Susan Fader

Next is Susan Fader in our Moderators’ Voice Series!  She joins Zoe Dowling for a chat on Focus Groups. The Players Susan Fader, Insight Navigator, Qualitative Researcher, Moderator & Strategist Zoe Dowling, Lead Research Strategist, Focus Vision The Set-Up What happens when two qualitative veterans sit down and talk shop? The room suddenly becomes a perfect fly-on-the-wall venue for other…

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Introducing: The Moderators’ Voice Blog Series

by Zoe Dowling

The focus group. It’s one of the most commonly used qualitative approaches, employed across the full spectrum of industries and research questions. Its venerable origins date back nearly eight decades. Yet it also has a troubled past; frequently the butt of jokes and suggestions, while its future is subject to regular calls predicting its death.  Given all the recent talk…

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