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The Truth About Significance Testing

Perhaps due to its popularity and ease of use, significance tests are often used and abused as a test of “truth” to validate data findings. In reality, it does no such thing. While a significance test can be used as a means towards data insight, what it actually uncovers is very narrow in scope.

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What’s a Good Survey Response Rate?

Proper survey response rates are an important component of a successful online survey. It is a useful gauge on whether the desired number of participants for a survey can be achieved or whether steps need to be taken to boost survey participation. Learn tips on maximizing survey response rates.

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Survey Sample Size: How Much Do I Need?

Choosing the correct sample size is an essential part of running a survey and gathering key insights about the broader population of interest. In this blog, we look at some best practices for determining sample size to serve most all your survey requirements.

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The Net Promoter Score (aka NPS) is one popular method that brand owners use to measure a customer’s overall brand experience.

How to Assess Brand Experience with the Net Promoter Score

Creating and maintaining a great brand experience requires an ongoing understanding of what your customers think and how they feel. Net Promoter Score is one popular method that brand owners use to measure a customer’s overall brand experience.

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Survey Length: How Long Can It Go?

How long should a survey be? Research has shown that survey respondents do indeed get fatigued. Respondents become less thoughtful about their answers and give less attention to a survey the longer it goes. Learn how shorter surveys help avoid respondent fatigue and improve data quality.

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How to Measure Ad Effectiveness

Ad testing is a multi-pronged effort of gathering survey feedback from your customers in order to execute and deliver effective marketing and advertising campaigns. Learn how copy test and ad tracking surveys are used to cover any medium, including radio, television, digital, outdoor, and more.

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What about Survey Incentives: Do You Need One?

Using incentives in survey research is a common method for encouraging respondent participation. However, incentives are just one of many factors that affect survey participation, so before you spend money to fund your incentives, consider whether it’s really necessary or even appropriate.

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