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Webinar Recap: Leveraging Science to Quantify Emotions

by focusv

What do consumers REALLY feel about your brand or product? Joy, frustration, surprise, anger? It’s rare that companies take the time to truly understand the emotions associated with their brands. Ryan Baum showed attendees how brands can use our online survey tool Decipher to do just that in an interactive webinar titled How Do You Feel? Leveraging Science to Quantify…

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Top Five Trends in Mobile Surveys

by focusv

Each year, many millions of respondent surveys are hosted on our online survey platform, Decipher. This gives us unprecedented access to respondent survey-taking behaviors and allows us to constantly investigate the latest survey trends. Here are the top  trends we’ve seen in mobile surveys over the last year: Trend #1: Online survey starts from smartphone devices continue to grow Closing…

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Emotional DNA: Leveraging Science to Quantify Emotion

by Ryan Baum

Quantitative market research studies capture a sizeable number of data points that are successively utilized by companies seeking to gain insights on consumer behaviors and attitudes. When attempting to better understand the marketplace, researchers generally like to capture an array of attributes from consumer survey respondents in the form of statements. These could be broad, or specific to a category…

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Horizontal vs. Vertical Rating Scales: Does it Make a Data Difference?

by Aaron Jue

I was recently asked whether or not there is a difference or change in response to a survey question if the answer options are arranged in vertical or horizontal format. The question pertained to Decipher’s responsive survey design, where an 11 point horizontal scale renders in horizontal format on a PC device, but in vertical format on a smartphone device.…

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FocusVision Decipher/Decrypt Dashboard Reporting Wave to Wave Ratings

Getting results: A survey isn’t just a survey

by Decipher

I’ve been running our client satisfaction survey for the past few years. We solicit feedback about our software and services at the end of every quarter to help us see where we are doing well and where we need to make improvements. You can view what our satisfaction survey looks like here. The survey helps ensure we’re achieving successful business…

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