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Emojis and Research: Exploring “Face Value” – Part II

by Zoe Dowling

This is part 2 of our Emojis and Research series, part 1. Emojis. The new visual communication language. Finally, it’s one we can all understand. Or is it? In part 2 of our blog on using emojis within research, we’ll explore whether all facial emojis are created equal. To start, let’s pose a question: What does this emoji mean to…

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Emojis and Research: Exploring “Face Value” – Part I

by Ryan Baum

From ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics to modern Chinese characters, communication through symbolism is something that’s been prevalent throughout our history. In today’s Digital Age, communication symbols have evolved to the point of ubiquity. Articulating emotive vibes can sometimes get tricky, and small digital symbols otherwise known as “emojis” have become a playful way to help us better communicate a message’s tone.…

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