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Why Market Research & Technology Must Work Together to Thrive

Recently, our CMO Steve August was asked by Online MR Magazine if combining market research and technology is feasible. Our question: Can you afford not to?

Once upon a time, data and market research were seen as two silos of your business intelligence. Market research was dominantly focused on primary research and talking to people directly – it didn’t take into account the business data, an integral part of customer understanding.

Market researchers face the same core issues that have always been: How do we get access to the right people, collect information, understand the meaning of the information, and communicate it to decision makers in the company? Technology has evolved to support all facets of this process. We can get access to participants, collect information and more quickly analyze and communicate results.

Clients are open to new technological advances that deliver valid information to support decision making at improved speed and reduced cost. Technology saved time and money with faster and streamlined decision making.

Since early 2015, FocusVision has focused on merging the latest in quantitative and quantitative market research technology to do just that.

After purchasing Decipher, an online survey tool, we combined it with webcam survey open-ended responses, Intervu webcam intercept interviews, and Revelation digital ethnographies. This allowed our clients to move from quantitative to qualitative understanding with ease and then make that understanding come to life. It humanizes the quantitative data and helps researchers validate the qualitative data like never before.

Have you combined your market research efforts with new technology? Has it reduced or inflated your costs? In this digital age, do you see it as a necessity? We’ve love to hear your thoughts below!

If you’d like to hear more from Steve August about how to marry market research with technology, read the entire article on page 36 of Online MR Magazine’s May edition.

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