Continuing Innovations with FocusVision Decipher

Continuing Innovations with FocusVision Decipher

From the very beginning close to 20 years ago, FocusVision Decipher has remained a leader and innovator in survey and reporting software. FocusVision Decipher is the only solution that can handle the entire range of simple to sophisticated so that you and your entire organization can get closer to your customer to understand how they think, act, and feel.  With a user-friendly GUI, creating quick polls or simple customer satisfaction surveys is a breeze. Built-in templates mean even the most novice users can build a world-class survey. FocusVision Decipher can also incorporate the most sophisticated screener algorithms, handle complex quota management needs, and multi-language / multi-country surveys for the more advanced users.

Beyond running powerful surveys, FocusVision Decipher was built with a focus to deliver faster and more cost-effective results. Over the years, as research budgets and resources have tightened, simply delivering meaningful and important customer insights to your organization is not enough. These insights must come more quickly and with fewer resources available. FocusVision Decipher has stayed ahead of the curve here, too. Early innovations such as interactive dashboards and reporting tools, such as a ‘one-click to PowerPoint’ feature, allow users to quickly build reports and share customer insights as soon as the data comes in. More recently, Sample Marketplace was released to provide instant access to affordable online survey sample.

At FocusVision, we never stop innovating. We recently introduced another breakthrough in survey technology as part of our commitment to providing insights technology that (quickly and more efficiently) brings you closer to your customer: an automated method for converting your questionnaire document into a programmed online survey.

For the past few decades, the process of creating an online survey starts with a questionnaire document. Using a word processor such as Microsoft Word™ the researcher types a set of questions and specifications, creating a questionnaire document. Then this document serves as a detailed set of instructions for a programmer to program and build an online survey. The online survey would undergo QA and testing to ensure the programmed functioned properly and in accordance with the specifications in the questionnaire document.

A short questionnaire might require a 1-2 day turnaround time to program and QA. A complex one might require 1-2 weeks. So imagine if the programming and QA process was automated? With our latest innovation, “Start with Word” and simply upload your Microsoft Word™ questionnaire document. Machine-learning technology then automatically detects question types and answer options, and translates them into an online survey that you can review and further customize. Here, we significantly reduce the amount of time to have a fully programmed online survey, and you don’t have to start from scratch. Human error is also lessened. While a programmer and QA tester are still necessary for programming complex or highly custom survey designs our technology can help do more of the leg work than ever before.

Our goal at FocusVision is to enable you to get to your Customer Truth. We are committed to bringing you insights technology that can get you closer to your customer’s minds, emotions, and perspectives. With our most recent innovation, we aim to help streamline the insights process—we know you seek faster and more scalable solutions. As your budget, resource, and research needs evolve, we’ll continue to innovate to meet those demands.

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