Custom-built for You: Introducing the All-New FocusVision InterVu

Custom-built for You: Introducing the All-New FocusVision InterVu

For many, online focus groups are a relatively new approach brought into the spotlight by the global pandemic. For us at FocusVision, we have over a decade of experience in working with and helping researchers conduct focus groups online.

We started out as a small undertaking, with limited investment, to prove that the future is digital. We utilised the infrastructure and technology of one of the technology gorillas – Adobe Connect, and we tried to optimise and customise it to serve our needs. It worked. Years went by and online interviews caught on.

We have seen requests in any shape and form, have facilitated interviews in 20+ languages, and have seen thousands of unique problems being solved. We have seen virtual focus groups using Playstation consoles and avatars. We have facilitated in-depth interviews with chefs from their very own restaurant kitchens. We have watched moms change diapers on camera, people walking around their pools, shopping in stores, and many, many more.

However, the underlying platform, Adobe Connect, hasn’t changed much. We were utilising a great web conferencing tool but a tool nevertheless built for a different purpose, not market research. It didn’t give us any space for innovation or even design updates. So when we started managing sessions by the hundreds on a daily basis, we realised things need to change. We spent hundreds of hours bypassing limitations, adapting processes to match the market research workflow, and correcting technical instabilities.

We needed to come up with a smarter way to operate. But also a way to address the needs of our own customers as digital becomes the norm for a wider variety of projects. We had to take the future of FocusVision InterVu into our own hands.

An all-new FocusVision InterVu

That’s when we challenged the team – what would the platform look like if you were starting from scratch today? Where do researchers waste time in non-value added tasks? What would the ideal collaboration tool look like for everyone involved in a market research study?

With these questions, we set out to build an all-new FocusVision InterVu from the ground up. One that is created with you, the researcher, in mind. To address your project needs, to make conducting research more seamless within a user-friendly interface. A platform that doesn’t require downloads or plug-ins, has integrated audio, and research specific functionality such as virtual backrooms, mark-up tools, and simultaneous translation. One that also incorporates project management capabilities to limit the time spent on administrative tasks such as booking, participant uploads, and scheduling. And of course, meets research data protection standards.

While the ultimate judge of how successfully we have addressed these challenges will be you – the customer – for once, we are glad that we are an agile and flexible technology partner, and we can adapt InterVu based on what the market needs.

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