Delving into the World of Kazakhstani Youths through FocusVision Revelation

“Mobile is an extension of us. [We are] constantly connected not simply because it’s easy – we do this because there are certain aspects of mobility that truly are a different and richer way of interacting with the world”

As much as mobile brings richness to our worlds personally, it also offers rich avenues to understanding people’s lives; connecting with people in ways that are natural to them while opening the door into their world, wherever that may be.

This is precisely what BRIF Research Group did in the quest to understand the lives of Kazakhstani youths. Knowledge of this group was limited to informal datasets and traditional methods were superficial. This meant that businesses were not speaking in the target audience’s language through their marketing efforts.

To gain a holistic understanding of the values, attitudes, and behaviors among youth in Kazakhstan, BRIF Research Group used a variety of data and approaches. One of these approaches was a three-day mobile diary using FocusVision Revelation. The social media style interactions within the Revelation mobile app was a particularly effective way to engage with the younger audience. It allowed the researchers to become part of their everyday lives, and see their world through uploaded pictures and videos, discussions and set activities. Using this rich data, in combination with the other data sources, the researchers were able to uncover truths about their lives and their values, attitudes, and behaviors.

“By using the Revelation platform, we were able to obtain a large amount of “live” material – many photos and videos – that helped us understand the lives of our youth from within. It also helped us get more sincere answers from the participants, as it was not “face to face” with us as the researchers.”

Tatyana Seferova, Qualitative Research Director, BRIF Research Group

The study identified three major trends with big implications for companies in Kazakhstan:

  1. A rising proportion of youths leaving or wanting to leave the country;
  2. Luxury brands on the decline as youths look for better value and seek to be less showy;
  3. The internet emerging as the prevalent source of information/entertainment, with social networks being particularly popular for this age group.

This research effort has given companies a clearer vision of this target and will serve as a springboard for stronger, more relevant marketing efforts.

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