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Schlesinger Group Facility

As facilities begin the return to normality and open up to participants once more, we’re returning to some of our previous stars of facility spotlight, with just a few questions about how they’ve adapted to the previous year with the impact of Covid, and how they’re looking to open up once more.

This week, we’re delighted to welcome our friends from Schlesinger Group and in particular Steve Schlesinger, who took time out to speak to us.

Q: How was business in the last 12-13 months under Covid restrictions?
A: Business overall has been good but mainly on the quant and digital qual side of things. In-person was wiped out in the first few months of Covid and has slowly come back to about 10-15% of pre-covid numbers. The good news is it is starting to get busier and we believe we will see this number continue to rise over the next few quarters.
Q: Are you fully operational now? What preventions did you take?
A: We are fully operational and have been doing in-person work since last June. We have used CDC guidelines as well as other authorities to ensure we follow proper protocols around health and safety.
Q: How are people acting in focus groups? Do you see any change in their behavior?
A: No changes at all. As a matter of fact, our show rates have never been better. And they have adjusted to mask-wearing, social distancing, etc. very well. There is also a great appreciation for all the work we have done to ensure safety.
Q: Do you see any signs of going back to the old days?
A: We do believe there will be a new normal when it comes to in-person work. By this I mean the levels of work will be less than pre-Covid, the real question is how much less. We estimate the number to be 50-60% usage compared to pre-Covid and that is what we are hearing from others (ESOMAR data, client conversations, etc.). The good news is people do want to get back to in-person work, the belief is it will be less than in the past, and they will supplement with digital.

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