Five Ways to Do More with Your Surveys

Do you know how your customers think, act and feel? An online survey is a common method you can use to find your Customer Truth. Online surveys allow you to directly ask and understand customer opinions and preferences. Often this is done using a multiple-choice or rating scale question type:

This kind of simple question and answer can provide a wealth of information for you to collect and understand how your business is performing and where to improve. But with FocusVision Decipher surveys, you can do more. Beyond the standard questions, you may want to simulate a shopping experience, have respondents evaluate an ad copy, a commercial or a prototype. These involve dynamic multi-media elements, engage participants in an activity-exercise to experience your product and provide feedback in ways that can’t be captured using a multiple-choice or ratings scale type question.

Here are five ways you can use FocusVision Decipher to gain better customer insights using more than just standard survey questions.

1. Image Map

Have you ever wondered what parts of a print ad or other digital content may or may not appeal to your audience? With an image map, survey participants can markup and highlight sections of an image that they like or dislike, parts that they may find confusing or engaging. Whether you’re testing a website design or a print ad, image map can provide all kinds of valuable feedback for your creatives.

2. Text Highlighter

Text highlighter functions in a similar way as an image map. But instead of an image, participants evaluate the written copy for your ads or marketing content. Participants use a digital marker to highlight words they find appealing or not appealing. The outcome of this exercise is a word map detailing which keywords and phrases resonate with your customers.

3. Shopping Cart

Want to test a line-up of ice cream flavors? See how well your product competes with other brands? Shopping cart allows you to understand buyer preferences and online purchase behaviors by simulating an online shopping experience. Participants evaluate and select items in an online store for purchase. You can include any number of products you want to test, complete with pricing and feature descriptions.

4. Page Turner

Page turner provides a magazine-like layout that participants can flip through or peruse like a real magazine or booklet. Whether you’ve got a magazine ad, a food menu or promotional brochure, page-turner allows you to pre-test and gain valuable feedback on your creative designs before rolling out to the broader market. Page turner tracks the amount of time participants spend on each page but also follow up questions serve to let you know whether you’re on the right track or need to pivot. Did participants recall seeing your ad? Which articles did they read? Did they find the layout appealing?

5. Media Evaluator

Media evaluator allows you to gather insights and customer feedback on video content, including commercials, video promotions or a movie trailer. While watching the video, participants move a slider to indicate when they are feeling more or less engaged. The results is a second by second line chart to reveal exactly where customers are tuning in and where they are tuning out. You’ll know what parts of your commercial are most effective and where you may be losing your audience.

The next time you have any product or marketing content that you want customer feedback on, considering including one of these activity exercises in your FocusVision surveys. Rather than just reading text from question and answer options, they allow survey participants to directly experience and react to your creatives and prototypes to give you deeper insight into how your customer thinks and feels.

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