FocusVision Decipher Product News – Data Management Tools Update

FocusVision Decipher

Data privacy and protection is an essential part of data management. With that in mind, we’ve updated FocusVision Decipher with additional tools to provide you more flexibility and control around when survey data is sent to archiving and eventually deleted.

Here’s what’s new:

Archive and Delete Settings

  • Set when survey data is archived – a length of time after a survey is closed and inactive. For example 90 days after a survey is closed and inactive, the survey data (not the survey itself) will be archived.
  • Set when survey data is deleted – a period of time after survey data is archived that the data is permanently deleted.

Archival Report

  • Run a report at any time to see when your surveys are scheduled for archiving and deletion. This means you can keep abreast of all project data status and any upcoming actions.

Keep Flag

  • Flag projects to omit them from the archive/delete processes. Set the keep flag if you have a need to keep data longer than standard archiving and deletion timeframes. This overrides the usual timeframes set within FocusVision Decipher. Once you are ready, simply unflag the project for it to move into the archive/delete process.

These features are designed to give you peace of mind that you are managing your survey data correctly and in a way that makes sense for you.

How can you access these tools? Simply make a request to your customer success manager.

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