FocusVision to Provide Integrated Customer Feedback as Key Research Provider for Walmart

STAMFORD, CT–October 31, 2017– FocusVision, the global leader in market research technology, will be a key research provider for Walmart. FocusVision’s DIY online survey and reporting solution, Decipher, will centralize Walmart’s online research operations to reduce research spend for Walmart US. The solution will integrate customer feedback in a fast and cost-effective way to continue to bring value to the 260 million customers Walmart serves weekly across multiple markets.

FocusVision President Zlatko Vucetic, “Our team and products will help Walmart continue to succeed in such a highly competitive market by removing time and cost constraints; and increasing the speed of customer feedback. We’re providing the tools and technology that enable Walmart to enhance their understanding of customers and how they engage across channels. We’re also helping Walmart improve mobile research through Decipher, which is built to take on the complexity of survey programming in the mobile world.”

Walmart will be employing FocusVision’s renowned quality research capabilities that power more than half of the Fortune 500 companies. With this expansion, FocusVision is now supplying Walmart with ongoing qualitative research, quantitative research, and panel management capabilities. Through proprietary data visualization, real-time dashboard reports and 24-hour programming support FocusVision will help research results be more widely articulated and understood within Walmart.

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