FocusVision Revelation Open Registration – Usage Scenarios

FocusVision Revelation Open Registration - Usage Scenarios

Earlier this year, FocusVision Revelation launched a new feature called Open Registration that allows researchers to create segment-specific registration links enabling easy self-sign up for participants. Now, whether you don’t have the user’s emails, aren’t allowed to view emails, or need to get your project kicked off quickly, this feature will help make it easier for the researcher and the participant while saving valuable time.

Here are three ways our customers are using Open Registration:

Scenario 1: Recruiting peers for research on research

One researcher was interested in conducting a new type of research with her team. Her goal was to connect with other professionals to explore how Covid was impacting their day-to-day life. Using Open Registration, she was able to allow self-sign up, speeding up the research, and reducing the time spent by the participant.

Scenario 2: Recruiting from Panel

One of our newer Revelation researchers has their own panel of users that they recruit from for all of their research projects. The panel is maintained within their team, and they like to quickly move their users into the research platform of their choice. Typically, they start with a few hundred potential participants so that they have a nice solid group of completes at the end of the project.

In the past, the research team would preload over 500 participants and invite the users into the platform, but that created several challenges. First, automated invites weren’t working so instead, a personal email from the researcher had to be sent with information on how to log in. The special instructions for using a temporary password and email combination took extra time and testing to ensure it worked as expected.

The second issue was the participant list clean up. Since many participants chose to not participate, that means that the list needed to be reviewed and the non-participating users removed. This undertaking was no small feat and took several hours.

Using our Open Registration feature, it only took a few quick clicks and a registration link was created and pasted into their templated email before being blasted out to their user base.

The Open Registration worked flawlessly for recruiting with their internal panel. There was no need to instruct users on using a temporary password; instead, a single link could be accessed from the email. There was also no clean-up of non-participating users as only those interested in participating registered for the project and were displayed on the participant page. “It saved us so much time and made it easier for our participants too,” was the feedback we got.

Scenario 3: Mixed methodology

Using our Open Registration feature

Another very promising way to utilize this feature is pairing FocusVision Revelation with other platforms such as FocusVision Decipher.

Have you ever wanted to move participants from a Decipher online screener or survey directly into Revelation? Now you can. Historically, many researchers would collect email in their Decipher survey, download a CSV of those emails, and then upload to Revelation so that invites could be distributed. While this method works, you do often lose precious time while the participant waits to be invited to Revelation.

Using the Open Registration links to Revelation, you can now simply add an info screen and redirect to the Decipher survey to allow participants to immediately register for Revelation. Participants will be prompted to add their screen name and email to Revelation, and they can jump right into the assigned Revelation activities!

With the variations in the ways this feature has been used, it’s interesting that the feedback of our users has been very consistent.

The standout reason people are choosing this feature is the time savings and ease of use. A large benefit of this feature is the quick “set up and send”which eliminates the need for uploading a list of participants into the platform before inviting.

Another benefit is that researchers who don’t have access to email can still use this platform. Our Open Registration feature pairs nicely with our Obscure PII feature which will mask the email from ever being seen by the researcher team.

All users see huge potential in the third scenario; using both Decipher and Revelation together and sharing data between Decipher and Revelation to make it easy to pair these products together and have a seamless experience for both researcher team members and participants. We’re loving the feedback and are listening! We can’t wait to see what other ways our customers will use this feature in the future!

If you are interested in trying out new features like Open Registration or our new Location question type, please feel free to reach out to for additional information.

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