Full Circle: 360° Focus Group Video

If you have been in the industry long enough, you’ll know that FocusVision initially started its video streaming business with a technician operating a video camera on a cart inside the focus group room. Following the acquisition of Active Group in the 1990’s, we moved the source of video recording to a static camera located behind the glass. Fast forward to today, and we’ve gone back to our roots to again offer streaming video from inside the focus group room. This time, however, video is re-coded with a 360° camera that sits in the middle of the table, where all the action is.

Why is this big deal? Read on.

Video Analysis Technologies are Flourishing

FocusVision’s FV Video Insights platform leads a growing list of qualitative analysis tools providing valuable insights for qualitative research. Historically, video has been incredibly cumbersome to manage, store and analyze. Now, many new video insights technologies provide API integration such as facial coding, motion detection and tracking, and sentiment analysis. Combine this with our new FV360 Live solution, the up-close view of participants provides the ability to conduct additional video analysis such as facial coding.

Bell Bottoms and 360° Cameras

Trends come and go; such is the nature of our culture and business. Just as bell bottoms have made a comeback (ahem, boot cut jeans), so has the trend for focus group video recording to take place from the front room. Chief among front room video’s benefits is the ability to see participants’ faces up close in ways not possible through backroom cameras. Additionally,360° camera technology provides a much more engaging view for remote viewers. While unlocking new avenues for analysis, the FV360 Live system also delivers the unique storytelling capabilities of video in ways far superior to backroom recording.

New Moments, New Technology, New Skills

Bringing technology, in particular, a 360° camera, into the front room creates video moments that don’t exist when using traditional means. No smoke and mirrors here; just common sense. A static camera behind glass simply cannot provide the same experience as a 360° camera situated on the focus group table, recording participants and stimuli. With rapid advancements in video recording, video analysis, and storytelling tools, qualitative researchers must adapt and refine their skill set to rethink the possibilities of face to face research, and become true Qualitative Technologists.

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