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The most common way to analyze survey data is through the use of a crosstab. Survey data is ‘split’ or ‘segmented’ in order to compare the opinions and behaviors between one subgroup and another. Looking at data this way can give you a more thorough understanding of your customers, how they think and feel. The data table below, for example, shows a data table split by males and females, revealing how the different genders experienced a recent trip to Burger Run Restaurant. Splits by region or customer attitudes may also yield a wealth of insights into your target audience. For more information on crosstabs and how to analyze survey data, see our blog: How does data analysis work? Extracting Meaning and Insight from your Data

FocusVision Decipher crosstabs.

FocusVision Decipher is one of the most powerful, yet easy-to-use survey platforms for performing crosstab analysis on your data. ‘Quick splits’ from a single question or more custom splits can be created if you wish to define subgroups using more complex logic. Decipher’s crosstab reporting function also includes automated significance testing and a way to easily export your data analysis in a variety of formats, including a 1-click to Powerpoint option.

Building a Crosstab Report

When you build out your survey in Decipher, each question is reported as a data table. Data tables are updated in real-time as respondents fill out your survey.

A crosstab report can be built by choosing a survey question from the pull-down menu. This will automatically split all survey data by the response options from the survey question. Custom settings are available as well should you wish to edit the segment name or merge segments together, for instance. In the example below, data is split by satisfaction level with Burger Run Restaurant. This question was asked on a five-point scale, but for the crosstab, the scale points are merged to create a Bottom 2 Box (punch 1 or 2 on the satisfaction scale) and a Top 2 Box (punch 4 or 5 on the satisfaction scale) split.

The resulting data table will flag any statistically significant differences between subgroups with red letters. In the table above, there is a statistically significant difference for ratings on ‘Menu Selection’ and ‘Cleanliness’ among satisfied and dissatisfied customers. This simple split reveals how those two attributes play an important role for customers. A great experience with ‘Menu Selection’ and ‘Cleanliness’ may be strong drivers of overall satisfaction with Burger Run.

1-Click to PowerPoint

Once you have your crosstab set up, you have the option to add charts to any of the data tables in your data set, creating a nice visual representation of your survey findings. These don’t just reside within the FocusVision Decipher platform but can be exported as native Powerpoint charts, or even as an Excel file, for further editing or incorporating into your presentations as needed.

Want to Work with Your Own Data Reporting Platform?

Maybe you have your own data analysis platform or statistical package that you like to work with. FocusVision Decipher includes the option to export your entire raw data set in the common file formats, such an Excel, SPSS, Tab-Delimited, and many more. However you like to work with your data, FocuVision Decipher has got your covered. Features such as the quick split crosstab tool and 1-click to Powerpoint export can help you quickly extract data insights and build out your presentation. More advanced features are also available, giving you the flexibility to build your own custom crosstabs. By working with Decipher, you can save time and money without sacrificing the quality of your data analysis.

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