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I’ve been running our client satisfaction survey for the past few years. We solicit feedback about our software and services at the end of every quarter to help us see where we are doing well and where we need to make improvements. You can view what our satisfaction survey looks like here.

The survey helps ensure we’re achieving successful business results, and it is a process that includes taking advantage of a number of our software tools. This article describes a few of those and gives a good example of how our offers lead to insight. Our satisfaction surveys can feel like a grading system, but it is much more than that.

E-mail Alerts

My favorite tool is our automatic email alert. We can set any survey response to trigger an email notification to a specific recipient. For our client satisfaction survey, we are immediately notified when any dissatisfied clients come through. This allows us to take quick action and follow up. We reach out to the client to further inquire about the nature of their complaint and do what we can to address it. This is a really great way to open a dialogue and build a relationship with our customers. A survey does more than gather data. It’s also a way to connect with the people we do business with. Clients always appreciate knowing there’s someone available to listen whether they have a complaint or not.

Our email alert is formatted to contain the information needed to open communication with the client – email contact, client name, and access to their survey responses.

From: Decipher <>
Date: Wed, Apr 3, 2013 at 10:28 AM
Subject: 2013 Q1 Client & Software Satisfaction - Bottom 3

You are receiving this email because the client has answered bottom 3 for Overall Decipher experience

Client: Market research Co.
Name: John Doe

Please use the link below to access the report:

We’ve set up a reporting dashboard of key metrics to easily investigate Decipher ratings and to pinpoint any weak or strong performance areas. By setting filters by account managers, we can drill down to see which accounts or clients may need further action or attention. Splits by wave help us spot declines or shows us whether our efforts resulted in improvements from the previous quarter. The dashboard is easily accessible to managers and other key decision makers for our organization, and they can follow the results live, as it comes in.

Decipher reporting dashboard split by wave.

Here’s a money shot. In 2011, clients commented on the poor performance speed of our software. The development team made it a point of focus to improve it. Every quarter since then, clients have given our software higher performance speed ratings.

Decipher reporting dashboard split by wave showing ease-of-use and performance speed responses.

When field closes, I always have a data merge set up to look at wave to wave ratings by individual clients. We simply match data based on a person’s email address. If a client shows a big satisfaction swing from the previous quarter, we can see who it is and why they’ve changed their rating. It is great to see when a previously dissatisfied client shows satisfaction improvement the following period. That means our efforts are working. Another win!

Decipher crosstabs showing satisified versus dissatisfied responses.

I also use Crosstabs to take deeper looks at various subgroups. For example, splits by dissatisfied/satisfied clients may pinpoint weaker areas of our software tools.

Personalized Invitations

This is an oldie but goodie. The invite is the hook to your survey and the first point of contact with our customer. I have programming help getting this invite for the client satisfaction survey customized the way we want, but it can easily be done in Campaign Manager as well.

We personalize each email invite by saluting the client with their first name. We’ve added our corporate colors and logo. There’s a clear way to reach someone at the top rank of our company. In short, it’s an official and personal invitation for the client to speak their mind and for us to listen.

Personalized CSAT survey invitation sent from the Decipher survey platform.

There are other tools I use as well: alternative question types and a special survey theme are not only mobile-friendly but formatted to maximum visual impact and ease of use. Report exports make it easy to share finding with others. This just shows how our products and services enable us (and market researchers) to get the feedback we need and to make sure respondents get a positive customer experience with our satisfaction survey. We aren’t just collecting data, but looking for insights and engaging in a conversation with the people we value.

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