Getting to Know the New FocusVision Revelation Location Question

Getting to Know the New FocusVision Revelation Location Question

FocusVision Revelation is a powerful way to deep-dive into your customers’ lives and experience their truth through their lens. It helps you get closer to their motivations, behaviors, and emotions around why your brand, product, and/or services are important in their lives. You can understand what they do when they do, and where they do as they go throughout their daily routine. We’ve made the ‘where they do’ even easier with the Location question type.

What is the Location question?

The Location collector in FocusVision Revelation is a new question type that collects a participant’s selected location type based on the researcher’s location definition and leverages integration with Google Maps in order to collect a specific location from a participant.

For example, if the researcher asks, “What’s your favorite coffee shop and defines the location by inputting “Coffee Shop,” the participant will see a map of the coffee shops near them. They can then select one to answer the question.

Getting to Know the New FocusVision Revelation Location Question

How can I use it?

Gathering the location of a favorite store, a frequented gas station, or even the nearest coffee shop helps uncover key information about the habits of participants.

Online research with FocusVision Revelation allows you the unique opportunity to be in the palm of a participant’s hand while they go about their normal day. Location can be built into your web activities in both one-time and journal activity types.

Have you ever wanted to send a participant out on an excursion for an ethnographic activity? With Revelation, you can go right along with them on an adventure. The Location collector can help you narrow down exactly where they choose to go. At the end of your research, you’ll have a list of addresses and coordinates along with a colorful map to see where your participants visited, which will grant you a new layer of insight.

Give me an example

If you are doing research that requires a general location or a specific physical address of a store, this question type can help shed a light on where participants are choosing to travel to, the stores they are comfortable shopping at, and even where they buy their coffee most often.

For example, in an excursion activity, you might ask the participant to head to the grocery store they most frequently shop at and record some videos and take photos about what displays they find most interesting or eye-catching.

The Location collector will allow you to present the “grocery store” category with the question “What grocery store did you go to for your excursion today?” and when they access it, they can easily select the grocery store they went to off a map of their area.

With one click they can select the store and you will have the name, address, and coordinates without asking the user to look them up and type them out.

Can I try it out?

Yes! The use of this new question type is at no additional cost to Revelation users. Feel free to try it out and see if it works for your research! To help streamline the use of this activity, we have included multiple examples in our Activity Library. Simply copy the activity into your project make the needed edits, save, preview, and launch it with your project! The Location activity examples can be found in the following Activity Library categories:

  • Diaries and Journals – Example: Coffee Buying Journal (Location)
  • Tours and Show Me’s – Example: Shopping Experience (Location)
  • Covid-19 – Example: Covid Exercise Routine (Location)

To learn more about how you can utilize the Location collector, please visit our Knowledge Base. If you have questions or feedback, please reach out to

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