Guest Blog: Why You Should Integrate Phone Interviews Into Your Next Study

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Guest blog authored by: Allen Porter, Survox VP of Client Services

At Survox, we focus on “democratizing” voice-based research so that phone interviews can easily be added to any data collection strategy.  We believe in the power – and reach – of phone. That’s why we’ve combined our knowledge of phone interviews with Decipher’s powerful online surveys to deliver quality quantitative data to our customers.

Phone Interviews Add a Personal Touch to Your Study

A rich and evocative way of communicating, phone is personal and fosters engagement. Quite simply, providing an engagement method that is both convenient – and appealing – for all customers increases the volume of participation. Through fielding a more representative sample, demographic bias is reduced.

Collect More Representative Data By Combining Online Surveys with Phone Interviews

According to a 2014 Pew Research Center study, phone offers near perfect demographic coverage. By using phone, 75% more seniors – those over age 65 – can be reached. Phone also increases survey reach by 25% to more rural and select socio-economic groups. 

By easily adding a phone survey option, this Decipher multi-mode solution will broaden your reach and enable you to collect more representative data.

Leveraging Decipher’s robust APIs, Survox integration enables Decipher users to field the same survey online and over the phone.  All data from the phone interview auto-populates into Decipher for streamlined analysis – no data aggregation step required.

Phone added to your tool-kit can shorten the data collection time and speed insights to decision makers.

  • An automated phone interview can be triggered upon an inbound call.
    • Your invitation to the survey can include an 800# as well as a URL.
    • By including a phone number to call you’ve ensured that no one is excluded from providing input — and are more likely to hit your research goals faster.
  • Proactive phone calls to strategically targeted customers can minimize the number of responses needed to ensure representative results.  By setting up calling rules, brand owners can gather high quality insights while also protecting customers from over contact, which can lead to ‘survey fatigue’, low response rates, and potentially irritated clients.

Together, Decipher by FocusVision and Survox are breaking down technology barriers to provide new research solutions for brand owners and decision makers.

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