Increasing Speed To Insight Through Automation: Introducing Sample Marketplace

Deliver better, faster, cheaper insights. That’s the mantra loudly circulated within the research community over the past decade. The demand for more, high-quality insights across the organization is growing as all departments recognize the importance of understanding how customers think, feel, and act. Increased demand for customer insight is good news for sure, but this insight needs to be delivered quickly and cost-efficiently, putting pressure on already resource-strapped researchers.

As much as cost is a critical consideration, time is precious, and too often researchers are bogged down with clunky back-and-forth on the study logistics. At FocusVision, we are continually working on innovating our platforms to meet the needs of the transformative researcher operating in these challenging conditions. The role of technology is to support the researcher and help them get to the ultimate goal – cost-effective, timely insights.

Our commitment to supporting researchers is why we are introducing Sample Marketplace within FocusVision Decipher. With this latest platform update, running a just-in-time study to answer pressing business questions is now even easier, quicker, and saves an average of 50% in overall sample purchase costs. Sample Marketplace is a fully automated solution designed to connect you with quality survey sample at a low price point, all within your FocusVision application.​

The benefit of this? No more unwieldy and time-consuming email chains to obtain your study sample. You simply enter your sample specifications; such as sample size, qualification (incidence) rate, and demographic quotas, and click submit to obtain your quote. Once you decide to proceed, you can secure your sample and launch your study, all without leaving the Decipher platform.  This reduction in administrative time helps you get into field quickly while reducing the soft and hard costs associated with the study, leaving you room to focus on the ‘better’ part of ‘better, faster, cheaper’ insight delivery.

Today’s launch is just our first step. In the coming months, we’ll be extending our partnerships to include several providers so that you can obtain multiple quotes to find the best price and also, if desired, blend sample providers. We’ll also be introducing additional features that continue to streamline the research process leaving you with time to do what you are best at – uncovering insights.

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