InnerView and FocusVision Announce Research Partnership

Companies will conduct joint study to help Marketing Executives better understand how Brand Dilution impacts Customer Engagement and Go-to-Market Strategy

March 14, 2019, Philadelphia, PA – InnerView Group, a strategic marketing firm that helps companies deliver compelling brand messages to their customer-facing people and partners, today announced that it has partnered with FocusVision to conduct research that highlights some common challenges faced by executive-level marketers.

The joint study will explore:

  • How much customer research is influencing brand and marketing message development.
  • How marketers perceive a variety of issues pertaining to alignment between sales and marketing.
  • How this misalignment may have an impact on customer experience and how it impacts consumer’ relationships with a brand.

At the heart of the study is the concept of “brand dilution” –the degree to which key marketing messages are breaking down during direct interactions with customers and prospects. Once the research is complete, the companies will jointly publish their findings via a comprehensive report in April 2019.

“We’re excited to join forces as both InnerView and FocusVision are committed to helping marketers better understand their key audiences through research,” Christopher Wallace, President at InnerView Group, shared. “We’re interested to see if marketers believe their brand’s story is being told consistently. One thing we’re sure of is that marketers are craving greater alignment between marketing and sales, and we intend to uncover the implications this can have on brand loyalty and customer experience.”

Through the study, the companies seek to bring clarity to a number of blind spots experienced by today’s consumer marketing executives across a wide range of industries. These items include:

  • Understand how big of a problem “brand dilution” is perceived to be amongst marketers (brand or product story falling apart before it reaches the customers)
  • Identify the key internal audiences marketers are struggling to engage
  • Quantify the loss of value and decreased revenue companies are experiencing due to brand dilution
  • Assess what options marketers believe they have available to them address this issue

FocusVision provides experience insights technology enabling their clients to gain a holistic view of their customers. Their survey software, online focus groups, live video, and online community monitoring enable clients to listen, view, connect and engage with customers to gain an understanding and clear perspective of what drives their behavior and decisions so that brands can design the right customer experience. InnerView is focused on understanding the attitudes and perceptions of internal front-line brand representatives who interact with customers. The company has developed a proprietary measurement process, The Brand Transfer Study, to generate a score to inform brands to what degree their marketing messages are being delivered effectively.

“A customer’s brand experience begins from their very first touchpoint with the brand, which could either be through self-directed or targeted means, and continues beyond the point of purchase,” stated Zoe Dowling, Ph.D., SVP Research, FocusVision. “By bringing our collective expertise together, InnerView and FocusVision strive to help brands understand how to ensure their key messages are reaching all their critical audiences effectively and consistently and in a way delivers the most optimum experience to foster brand loyalty and advocacy.”

About InnerView Group
Started in 2018, InnerView is a strategic marketing firm based in Philadelphia that helps companies connect their brand and marketing strategies to the employees and partners that serve their customers.  The company’s Brand Transfer Model helps clients identify areas where there is a breakdown in their marketing messages and provides customized internal campaigns designed to improve adoption and execution.  InnerView’s solutions support critical go-to-market initiatives, including product and service launches, campaigns or promotions, channel or partner launch and rebranding efforts. For more visit

About FocusVision
FocusVision is a full-spectrum experience insights and analytics technology solutions provider. Established in 1990, it was the first company to live-stream focus groups. The company now offers premium tools to gather, analyze and share data for customer satisfaction surveys, brand tracking, focus groups, online communities, communications testing, segmentation, NPS, product testing and more. FocusVision has more than 400 employees globally, with offices in the US, UK, Bulgaria, and Singapore. It is trusted by 18 of the Top-20 Fortune 100 companies, and all of the Top-10 Healthcare and CPG companies. The company was honored for its outstanding innovation in customer experience management with a MarTech Breakthrough Award in 2018.

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