Market Research Facility Spotlight – Plaza Research Tampa

Market Research Facility Spotlight - Plaza Research Tampa 4

Welcome to our Market Research Facility Spotlight Blog where our partners have the opportunity to showcase their facility, their experiences and opinions. This week we’re featuring our friends from Plaza Research in Tampa.

  1. Tell us about your facility

Our Plaza Research Tampa facility’s address is 4301 Anchor Plaza Parkway. We are only 5 miles from the Tampa International Airport and centrally located within our large recruiting radius. Our locations always seem to have “Plaza” somewhere in the name, hence Anchor Plaza Parkway. We also have facilities in the following cities throughout the country: Hollywood, FL (considered our “Ft Lauderdale” facility), Marlton, NJ (considered our “metro Philly” facility), Paramus, NJ (considered our “metro NY” facility), Denver, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, San Diego, and Los Angeles. Each location was carefully chosen so clients can quickly get to the airport once their research concludes.

Market Research Facility Spotlight - Plaza Research Tampa
  1. Tell us what makes you unique.

We like to think we’re unique due to our large geographical coverage, nationwide; long term employees managing each office; niche locations in each city. Plaza Research stands out because we are always willing to take on any project no matter how low the incidence may be. We provide honest feedback during bidding and include networking methods on our proposal so we can realistically manage your expectations once recruiting begins. We have successfully recruited entire hospital systems in the past to allow researchers on-site which is pretty impressive! Our recruiters are persistent and think “outside of the box” to find ways to secure our clients’ targets!

  1. What is a typical day for you?

We don’t believe there is a typical day. Every day in market research seems so different from one day to the next, or one month to the next. But that is what makes market research so exciting! We always “expect the unexpected” and are constantly learning new things! Every client’s approach is different and we pride ourselves in understanding their needs and ensuring they are met every step of the way!

  1. In today’s world, it’s becoming more and more challenging to meet client expectations. What are some of the ways you have found to measure the success of the research projects?

We rely heavily on word of month. A personal review is more relative than a quick internet search. We’ve started to add client reviews to our website as a way to strengthen the relationship we have with both current and potential clients. Word of mouth is also very important in building our respondent database. Each facility has over 30,000 residents in their database and this count continues to increase daily due to Plaza Research’s reputable image. We also have a vast nationwide database where we can reach individuals even if they do not live in a city where a Plaza Research facility is located.

Market Research Facility Spotlight - Plaza Research Tampa
  1. What’s the funniest/strangest moment you’ve had at your facility?

We recently had an area-wide power outage at our Tampa facility. This occurred only 30 minutes before we were to begin a focus group with seniors. The entire office was dark so we lit candles and kept the respondents (and clients) entertained while we worked with the moderator to create solutions should the power not turn back on in a timely manner. However, as soon as we finalized our plan, the power came back on. This occurred two minutes before the original time the group was scheduled to begin so we were able to stay on schedule. The funny part was that the clients were so worried about the seniors feeling comfortable while the senior respondents were only concerned that no coffee could be brewed without power. It all worked out in the end!

Market Research Facility Spotlight - Plaza Research Tampa
  1. Why do you think in-person research is a critical part of every brand owner’s toolkit?

In-person research gives that personal level, eye-to-eye feedback that’s not possible online or via telephone. The interaction between the moderator and the respondent is more instant in person. Being able to see the respondent’s immediate candid reaction when probed can be more powerful to really understand what the end user values.

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