New CPG Research Insights to Be Shared as Part of Three-Part Webinar Series by Focusvision


Fresno, CA – July 26, 2016 – FocusVision, the global leader in market research technology, will host a three-part webinar series taking participants inside the mind of today’s consumer-packaged goods (CPG) customer. The series, which kicks off on Wednesday, July 27th, showcases how leading brands and researchers are using FocusVision technology to demystify the consumer mindset and influence product development.

Throughout the webinar series, FocusVision’s team of Research Strategists will uncover key drivers behind what consumers are looking for and why. Webinar participants will learn how FocusVision’s innovative technologies help brands to:

  • Immerse themselves into the consumer world by highlighting in-the-moment thought processes
  • Uncover the consumer “whitespace”
  • Support every step of the product development lifecycle
  • Illuminate the consumer path to purchase

FocusVision’s three-part CPG webinar series will consist of:

Looking Good: Avon Taps into the Latin American Cosmetic Consumer:

This session, co-presented with Avon, covers Latin American women’s emotional relationship with make-up and provides a deeper understanding of associated branding issues. This webinar will be presented twice, once in Portuguese and once in English.

Snack Attack: Using Mobile Digital Qual to Hack the Snack Aisle

Learn how FocusVision and Fresh Intelligence, a North American market research firm, were able to investigate shopping habits and purchasing decision factors among snack food consumers.

How Do You Feel? Leveraging Science to Quantify Emotions

Learn how companies can standardize quantitative emotional measurements to better understand the deep connections consumers have with their goods and services.

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