Piloting Memphis: A New Immersive Focus Group Video Experience

2016 has been an exciting time at FocusVision. There’s been a tremendous spirit of innovation and nowhere is that more evident than with our flagship qualitative offering VideoStreaming, which captures interviews and focus groups from everywhere, and delivers them to you anywhere.

Today, FocusVision is making public Memphis, FocusVision’s code name for a breakthrough new system that we believe will change the way observers experience in-person focus groups. We are piloting Memphis through the end of 2016 before we go to a wide release at the beginning of 2017.

Getting Memphis to this point has truly been a collaborative effort between our product development, operations, and marketing and sales teams.

We’ve focused on making Memphis a complete experience that will be impactful for both remote and on-site observers, and enable researchers to quickly deliver impactful video based insights.

Memphis consists of three elements:

Immersive Focus Group Video: Like Being In the Room

360-degree cameras place remote and onsite observers in the center of the conversation, where expressions, emotions, and nonverbal cues can be clearly witnessed. The camera automatically follows the conversation wherever it goes, creating a whole new experience for observers and compelling video for researchers.

Collaboration Tools for Backroom Viewing and Remote Observers

Backroom live feed and collaboration tools allow remote and in person observers of the focus group to work in real time. The Memphis camera signal feeds directly to a backroom monitor, giving in-person observers a face-to-face view of all respondents.

Video Storytelling Tools: Easy Clipping, Video Top Lines, and Sharing

Integration with our FocusVision Video Insights video management platform enables synchronized transcripts so videos can be searched, easily edited, and distilled in video reports that can be easily shared with stakeholders.

Taken together, we believe this system will dramatically increase the speed, collaboration, and impact of qualitative insights and customer understanding.

Through the end of the year, Memphis is being piloted in partnership with Schlesinger Associates across the US and will be rolling out to a limited number of facilities in the UK, EU and Australia.

We are excited to pilot a new era in qual research. We hope you will join us!

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