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If you are like most companies, you have been working really hard to get into the hearts and minds of your customers to make the right decisions to drive your business forward. One of the best ways to test out new concepts, products, and policies is through a focus group discussion. But sometimes, you have neither the time nor money for a big, lengthy project. Today, we released InterVu Now to market, providing simple but innovative technology and transformative usability so now anyone can run an online focus group. It is fast. It is easy. And it is free.

While our more comprehensive video focus group solution, InterVu, continues to lead the market and drive value to our clients’ interactions with their customers and employees, we noticed a use case for a more instant and effortless video focus group solution to gauge real-time sentiment around a brand or product.

We are proud to introduce InterVu Now today. InterVu Now is a tool that is more research-centric compared to free video call products but has a barrier-free user experience, while remaining equally as user-friendly. It is built to help create fast person-to-person or group discussions to test advertising concepts, test product concepts, understand customer or employee opinion, and better inform business decisions.

However, this release is much more than a technological accomplishment for my team. It is the story behind its creation and design that perfectly encapsulates our product beliefs at FocusVision, and proves that innovation with a broader purpose creates more powerful, meaningful and useful solutions for our customers.

We believe that technology is the means to democratize customer or employee research and transform how executives make more informed decisions based on machine-learned insights and real-time data. This belief is at the forefront of every product decision made by FocusVision’s engineering team and is powering our approach to continuous innovation.

As technology designers and engineers, it is often easy to get sidetracked by WHAT we think we are building, or even to get lost in the weeds around HOW we will build it. FocusVision’s engineering team constantly challenges itself to stay focused on the customer experience and scenarios, and remind itself WHY we are developing an idea, solving a problem, or making a usability enhancement; it is all about the customer’s experience.

We constantly ask ourselves about the value of a new feature or product:

  1. Is it innovative enough to produce more meaningful human insights?
  2. Is it flexible enough that it can be used across an entire business organization? (product, sales, marketing, HR, finance?)
  3. Is it intuitive enough to be used by anyone in the organization?
  4. Is it fast enough that customers can gain meaningful insights in next to real-time?
  5. Is it secure enough that customers and participants can trust the process and answers?
  6. Does it complement the FocusVision solution portfolio?

If the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, we’re confident that our release today empowers FocusVision customers to take great strides towards a market vision of democratized research. With no software download needed for users or participants and no cost barrier to entry, InterVu Now ensures that everyone is able to start a conversation immediately and find the right concept or product insights from their customers or users.

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About Thierry D’hers

As Chief Product Officer for FocusVision, Thierry leads the company’s product transformation vision to democratize research technology by providing a fully integrated, full-spectrum research platform that harnesses world-class automation and self-service usability. He directs all product management, design, research and engineering teams. Prior to joining FocusVision, Thierry spent six years at Tableau Software, and over a decade with Microsoft. Thierry holds an engineering master’s degree from ESIEA, a Paris based Electronic, Automation and computer science engineering school. Outside of the office, Thierry enjoys mountaineering, alpine skiing, and playing guitar.

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