New Study Examines the Impact of Dynamic Questions on Respondents

New FocusVision Study Examines the Impact of Dynamic Questions on Qual Market Research Respondents

FocusVision publishes white paper “An Introduction to Dynamic Questions”

STAMFORD, Conn. — August 25, 2015 — FocusVision has released a new white paper that examines the research respondents’ expectation for dynamic interactivity in surveys. The paper, entitled “An Introduction to Dynamic Questions”, explores the replacement of traditional survey response mechanisms against dynamic options that allow responsivity and more advanced functionality.

Aaron Jue, market research director for FocusVision, said, “With technological advances in every part of our lives, people – including research respondents – expect and feel entitled to the latest new thing. By adding in dynamic questions to survey outreach, we can engage today’s respondent through heightened interactivity.”

Dynamic questions allow researchers to capture data in new ways. These elements allow users to manipulate objects across the screen, using drag and drop technology and more. Some specific examples include the use of virtual shelves that show visual representations of products or 3D rotation of an image.

The study found that dynamic elements can:

  • Increase respondent engagement overall through a more compelling graphic interface
  • Enhance usability by allowing the capture of information in new ways
  • Improve data quality in part by reducing cognitive burden on the respondent

In addition to exploring the types of dynamic questions and their impact on research overall, the paper also gives detailed guidelines on the implementation and employment of these elements into a survey project.

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