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I’ve been a FocusVision Decipher user for more than 15 years. My first exposure to it was as a client in the early 2000s, shortly after Decipher’s original release. Now as a FocusVision employee, I have the pleasure of working with the solution from an insider’s perspective and regularly use Decipher for internal survey projects. I’ve experienced the benefit and value of Decipher over the years and seen firsthand how it continues to evolve to meet the needs of research and insights professionals everywhere. Today, I’m pleased to share that as of October 2, Decipher will be available as a free trial. Now you can experience the scale and sophistication of Decipher as I have.

I started working in the market research industry in 1998 as an analyst in a small research boutique firm. There, I learned under the supervision of Jayme Plunkett and Jamin Brazil, before they founded Decipher. In those days, market research surveys were administered on paper. I would go to the local print shop, make 500 copies of a survey and ship those out to a field house. Making deadlines meant rushing to the local FedEx store before their 5 PM cutoff time on shipments. Once our paper surveys were filled out, they were shipped to a data entry house where the answers were manually entered into a computer so that we could get our data into an SPSS computer file for further analysis.

By the year 2000, I switched jobs to a technology startup, and Jayme and Jamin went off to start Decipher in their Silicon Valley apartment. My first experience with Decipher was somewhere around 2002. It was also my first exposure to online surveys, and real-time reporting and data collection. At the time, using Decipher, I was able to field a survey within a week and I could monitor my data as survey completes came in. Analysis was quick and easy, as in on the spot reporting right at my computer. I was blown away. No more boxes of paper surveys. No more waiting for my data or problems with data entry errors. My supervisors were amazed at the efficiency and budget at which I was able to conduct research. Online surveys and reporting was clearly the wave of the future. Decipher was a revolution.

Over the next 15 years, I continued to follow Decipher as either a client or an employee of the company. Through those years, Decipher kept innovating and revolutionized what it meant to conduct online surveys. Decipher pioneered the DIY survey software model that allowed companies to scale and better customize their survey efforts to their business needs. The field report tool provided instant access to click-through and participation rates so users could see for themselves how their surveys were performing. The reporting tool just didn’t show data but allowed any user to conduct his or her own analysis, build custom banner points, add NET rows, create new variables or summary tables.  Decipher was at the forefront of enabling users to get to the heart of their data story quicker and more efficiently. One-click export to powerpoint charts, presentation-ready dashboards, and open-end response video functionality were among the innovations driving speed to insight and enabling researchers to get to the heart of the customer story.

After Apple released the iPhone, consumers began adopting mobile technology. Decipher quickly got out in front of this trend too, with new survey question types built to be mobile friendly. “Responsive design” capabilities were introduced, meaning all surveys would automatically reformat to render surveys user-friendly regardless of the device a person used to take a survey. Decipher clients took note of this transformation and how it improved user engagement and participation with their surveys.

To date, Decipher incorporates well over 80 interactive, dynamic question types and its theme builder provides an easy to use interface for deploying visually attractive surveys. Decipher can incorporate the most sophisticated screener algorithms, handle complex quota management needs, multi-language / multi-country surveys as well as appeal to the non-researcher with a user-friendly GUI wanting to do quick polls or simple customer satisfaction survey. Built-in templates, copy/paste editing capabilities, and a multi-media library mean even the most novice users can build a world-class survey.

I’m delighted that Decipher will now be available to many more to discover its benefits. Its ability to handle complex studies for the most advanced professional, with an easy to use interface for first-timers means it is the only enterprise survey and reporting solution that allows an entire organization to collect the insights they need. Without compromise. Take a look. Enjoy it as I have. In it, you will find best in class software for analyzing and gathering data and bringing customer insights to life.

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