Decipher’s New CAPI Offline Survey App Coming Soon!

Update July 25: Decipher CAPI is now available for iOS download and in the Google App Store.

Next week, Decipher will launch a downloadable mobile CAPI app for offline surveys. It’ll be super easy to use with new improved data collection elements and reporting functionalities.

Decipher CAPI offline survey app screen showing the start of an offline survey. Decipher CAPI offline survey app showing a survey question and list of checkbox answers.Decipher CAPI offline survey app project list showing various offline surveys.

According to the 2016 Market Research Technology Report, CAPI represented 17% of all quantitative research. Though web surveys will always dominate, CAPI work has grown significantly since 2010, largely due to the increasing presence of mobile technology. Low priced tablets and smartphones, as well as the widespread availability of internet access, has helped CAPI become a more feasible process. When groups of interviewers are sent out into the field to collect data, CAPI is the way to go. No internet access? No problem. With our new CAPI app, even offline CAPI can be secure, easy to use and robust enough to support the needs of any researcher.

Here are just a few of the Decipher CAPI offline survey app features

  • Dedicated login page for the offline app with full offline project management UI. This features a login security layer and interviewer accounts for all offline users.
  • Improved survey functionality and untethered data collection capabilities.
  • Auto Sync & Versioning: automatic device/project sync when online along with a version indicator to maintain up-to-date offline survey.
  • Multi-Language Support: Offline UI will support Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian and German.
  • Multimedia Capture: Three new question types: Photo Upload, Video Testimonial and Audio Capture (only available in the app)
  • Browser Support: Continued access to offline via desktop/laptop browsers (limited browser functionality and support).
  • Temp User Access Codes (added security layer)

Decipher CAPI will be available for download on app stores for Android and iOS on July 25.

To learn more about offline permissions, interviewer management, and other improved reporting functionalities, feel free to contact us for additional information.

* CAPI, or computer-assisted personal interviewing, is a means to conduct face to face interviews with the assistance of a computer. Using CAPI, the interviewer asks questions and inputs respondent answers into a computer or mobile device.

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