Our 2020 Resolution

Our 2020 Resolution a one-stop insights technology provider

Just before the holidays, I was honored to be invited by my alma mater to speak to MBA students on the topic of mitigating complexity in modern business. My fellow speakers on the panel included C-level execs from a leading telecom provider, a global insurance company and a software development company. Although our backgrounds and industries couldn’t be more diverse, I couldn’t help but notice that we all have been facing similar challenges – rapid growth, launching new products, entering new markets, all resulting in layer after layer of complexity that crept into a less-than-ideal customer experience. That night, I went home and reflected on just how very wrong that felt.

We at FocusVision have gone through tectonic changes over the past 5 years. Starting off solely providing video streaming, we challenged ourselves to transform into a one-stop insights technology provider. To do so required us to double our team, our office locations and our customer count in a short span of time. This required a real focus on integrating systems, unifying processes and migrating platforms. Whilst we’ve always aimed to put the customer at the heart of what we do, this wasn’t always played out in practice.

So for 2020, we’ve made some New Year’s Resolutions to always be the best version of ourselves.

We promise to you, our customer, to:

  1. spend more time listening to you…
  2. …and making changes that will make your experience even better;

  1. make it simple and easy to use our products…
  2. …but also to give assistance when you need a hand;

  1. innovate more to save you valuable time and resources…
  2. …allowing you to focus on the things that you love about your job.

    …And maybe, just maybe, we’ll even start going to the gym.

    Happy New Year and we look forward to delighting you!

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