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A Mobile Revelation: Experience Your Customers on the Move

Published by Zoe Dowling

Only mobile provides an in-the-moment, un-biased glimpse into a customer’s life, as they live it. Mobile qualitative research is a flexible approach to gathering such deep insights. In this practical session, we’ll discuss activities best suited to mobile qual research. We will also provide tips for enhancing social engagement using Revelation by FocusVision. You’ll also get a sneak peek demo…

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Designing for Participant Interaction – 3 tips to promote social engagement within your online community

Published by Zoe Dowling

The rise of social networking sites heralded in the era of the social web. We freely interact with people we know and even ones we don’t. Given these widespread virtual exchanges, there’s often high expectations for social interaction within online research communities. The promise is great but the reality often falls well below expectations. Upon reflection, this isn’t so surprising.…

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Introducing the New FV Revelation Participant Mobile App

Published by Emily Eichelberger

The FV Revelation Participant Mobile Application has been rebuilt! This rebuild aligns our mobile application with our web platform, offering more varied collector types for mobile activities…all while offering an improved participant user experience. I’ll be demonstrating all the new features at this week’s webinar. FV Revelation is FocusVision’s unique qualitative research platform that allows researchers to uncover consumer behaviors…

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CAPI: Get the Essentials For Better Quality Research

Published by Aaron Jue

FocusVision is pleased to announce the release of Decipher CAPI, our new offline survey app! So let’s get to the essentials of what you can do with CAPI, and how you can make the most of your research. The Value of Face to Face Surveys CAPI is conducted face to face at the location of the consumer experience. This creates distinct…

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Decipher’s New CAPI App Coming Soon!

Published by Daniel Ryan

Update July 25: Decipher CAPI is now available for iOS download and in the Google App Store. Next week, Decipher will launch a downloadable mobile CAPI app for offline surveys. It’ll be super easy to use with new improved data collection elements and reporting functionalities. According to the 2016 Market Research Technology Report, CAPI represented 17% of all quantitative research.…

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Challenges Solved: Optimizing Focus Group Research with FV360 Live

Published by Mike Kuehne

For years, focus group researchers have struggled with three primary challenges related to face-to-face qualitative research: Replicating the moderator experience for remote and back room viewers Focus group video can be time consuming and expensive to manage and edit Collaborating and distributing focus group video is neither user friendly or secure FV360 Live technology solves these challenges and provides researchers…

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Moderators’ Voice Series: Is Empathy a Muscle?

Published by Jenny Karubian

Apple Computers described empathy as the fundamental principle of their brand DNA in the early 1980s. The “Apple Marketing Philosophy”, an internal memo, stated that Apple would truly understand customer needs “better than any other company.”  Since that time, empathy has become a popular buzzword across the tech and market research industries. But what is empathy? Is it a skill set?…

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