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More Advanced Concepts: Getting Data Insights from FocusVision Decipher

FocusVision Decipher’s survey platform contains one of the most powerful and robust data reporting and analysis solutions. It is easy to use, yet sophisticated enough for more advanced users. Now, getting data insights is easier than ever with the DIY survey reporting and analytics tools.

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Getting Data Insights from FocusVision Decipher

The most common way to analyze survey data is through the use of a crosstab. Survey data is ‘split’ or ‘segmented’ in order to compare the opinions and behaviors between one subgroup and another. Looking at data this way can give you a more thorough understanding of your customers.

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Are CEOs Negatively Impacting Customer Experience?

The success of Customer Experience should begin with decisions made by the CEO. Only through this unified pursuit of Customer Truth will brands be able to create and operationalize a sustainable and predictable business model for the future, and a brand experience which is valued by their customer.

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4 Steps to Customer Journey Mapping Nirvana

Behold the customer journey map. A straightforward process and framework that aims to capture the full customer experience. Here are my 4 broad steps that can help you make this work within your organization.

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A Crystal Ball? Almost.

FocusVision commissioned Forrester Consulting to investigate the motivations underlying consumer decision-making.

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One And A Half Times: The Role of Emotion in Decision-Making

Newly released research by Forrester Consulting, commissioned by FocusVision, proved that the way customers think and feel about an experience can predict how they will act toward a brand. In short, emotions drive business results.

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