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A Crystal Ball? Almost.

FocusVision commissioned Forrester Consulting to investigate the motivations underlying consumer decision-making.

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One And A Half Times: The Role of Emotion in Decision-Making

Newly released research by Forrester Consulting, commissioned by FocusVision, proved that the way customers think and feel about an experience can predict how they will act toward a brand. In short, emotions drive business results.

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The Age of the Fluid Fan?

Last week I read a fantastically interesting report published by Sports Innovation Lab called ‘A New Age of Sports’. The wide-ranging report covered many facets of the sports industry, but something, in particular, horrified me… The Age of the Fluid Fan.

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Using Decipher to Connect With Your Customers

Do you know how your customers think, feel and act? A deep understanding of your customer is integral to a successful business. With the right technology and tools, it’s easy to build a customer feedback management solution for your business.

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Use FocusVision Decipher to Create Visually Engaging Surveys

A great looking survey makes a positive impression not only for your brand but helps keep participants engaged with your survey. With FocusVision Decipher, it has never been easier to create high-quality survey designs that look great.

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The Truth About Significance Testing

Perhaps due to its popularity and ease of use, significance tests are often used and abused as a test of “truth” to validate data findings. In reality, it does no such thing. While a significance test can be used as a means towards data insight, what it actually uncovers is very narrow in scope.

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