Revelation Software Update August 2016: Daily Digest + Custom Invites

Revelation Software Update August 2016: Daily Digest + Custom Invites

Revelation is one of our unique qualitative research platforms that allow clients to uncover consumer behaviors with the ease and engagement of their favorite social media app. It’s the best solution for mobile diaries, insight communities and bulletin boards.

We’ve recently added some exciting features to further increase participant engagement in the study.

Daily Digest: Reminders For Key Activities

FocusVision Revelation Daily Digest Update The Daily Digest will send a daily email update to give participants valuable information including currently due items, new items due in the upcoming 24 hours, moderator comments, and participant comments and likes.

The best part? The moderator doesn’t have to spend time each day of fielding, pulling and formatting completion grid exports in order to send daily reminders to participants for the duration of the study.

Here are the three top benefits to this new product feature:

  1. Save time: Automating a daily digest notification to participants cuts out the need for a daily reminder email relaying what items are missing.
  2. Better participation: Daily notification lists both missing items and new items that will be posting within the upcoming 24 hours. Participants are also flagged to new comments left by the moderator and participants on shared activities.
  3. Customizable: Daily notification allows for custom wording in each section allowing the researcher to make it fit their company voice.

To learn more about how to enable the Daily Digest, please find directions below:

Daily Digest Summary and implementation

Create Custom Invites in Studyspace

Give participants their “need-to-know” when they are invited to the Studyspace platform. We’ve enabled text editing on the platform to allow researchers to provide any important information early to the participant by making it part of the initial invite process.

Here are the top two benefits to this new product feature:

  1. Save time: Custom Invites allow researchers to cut out the extra step of providing additional information by email or message.
  2. All in one place: Participants will have their important information alongside their initial log-in information containing their information in just one place rather than across multiple emails.

To learn more about how to enable Custom Invites, please find directions below:

Custom Invite Summary and Implementation

If you have any questions about the update, please contact

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