Sample Marketplace Provider Spotlight – Branded

Sample Marketplace Provider Spotlight - Branded

Editors Note: With our expanded Sample Marketplace capabilities within FocusVision Decipher, we wanted to spotlight the sample providers enabling your quest for better, faster research.

Tells us about Branded?

Branded Research is a leading programmatic audience and insights solutions company that helps clients make more informed marketing and product development decisions. Through proven and innovative methods, as well as proprietary technologies like Branded Surveys, Branded is able to actively engage with consumers and reach specified target audiences, resulting in more precise and complete end data.

How do we deliver over 7mm completed studies a year? We take a unique, communicative approach. Our audience was founded on core principles of social engagement and the power of the simple conversation. It’s what sets us apart from the rest. We believe that a relevant, quality conversation elicits a quality response.

Branded Research was founded in 2012 by a team of entrepreneurs from the data-driven world of market research and socially-driven world we inhabit today.

What makes you unique?

Branded Research, as a company, operates along 3 fundamental tenants – technology, community, and data integrity. As a technology-focused company, we marry two distinct principles, (1) Technology (data science and machine learning (A.I.) +(2) Community, (user experience) to support a single initiative – providing the highest quality consumer data.

For us, this is a simple formula: Tech + Community = Quality Sample Data

What types of studies are your sweet spot?

The ‘Branded Surveys” Community is purposely made up of consumers that resemble as closely as possible the national representative census in the U.S. We excel in longer forms of both consumer and “soft” B2B. Business attributes and further profiling points – of the 150+ we collect and dynamically update on our community members – represent a significant amount of the core profiling points we collect at initial registration. This allows Branded to target both naturally representative data as well as highly specific profiling sets.

In today’s world, we know there’s a lot of concern about sample quality. What’s your philosophy and approach to it?

Sample quality is our entire focus. It’s critical for our end-clients to understand that they can rely on our sample to make critical and often expensive decisions on their products, services, and market strategies. In many cases, our sample is the first ingredient in their research soup, and the subsequent segmentation and analysis of this core data will go on to influence massively critical decisions.

If you were able to give one piece of advice to everyone conducting a research study, what would it be?

It’s a simple message – remember you are asking questions to human beings who act and offer opinions and insight in the very same manners that you, the researcher, would. Offering succinct, specific questionnaires will produce a much higher level of insight than attempting to gather too much in one study.

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