Sample Marketplace Provider Spotlight – InnovateMR

Sample Marketplace Provider Spotlight - InnovateMR

Editors Note: With our expanded Sample Marketplace capabilities within FocusVision Decipher, we wanted to spotlight the sample providers enabling your quest for better, faster research.

Tell us about InnovateMR?

InnovateMR is a fiercely independent sampling company that delivers Faster Answers™ from research audiences. Established by industry forerunners who launched both goZing and uSamp, our company’s co-founders have spent over two decades in the online sampling industry developing innovative methodologies to harness research technology and survey audiences around the globe.

What makes you unique?

Our focus on quality is second to none, with over 95% of our clients indicating our sample exceeds the quality they have observed with other providers. Our research yields similar results time and time again, with scrub rates consistently as low as just 1-2%. The team leverages a global technological approach for quality respondent management, employing over 50 checks to ensure sample quality. The company’s quality monitoring system performs dynamic scans to identify suspicious patterns within and across member accounts from inception throughout the lifecycle of a panelist. Quick action is taken against any panel member that demonstrates behaviors that do not align with the firm’s high-quality standards.

What types of studies are your sweet spot?

Innovate has a rich history of building global specialty panels that scale to meet the needs of market research companies and their studies. Our global reach and commitment to quality allow us to source panel for niche audiences, including B2B, medical, parenting, gaming, entertainment, automotive, and more. From pregnant mothers to mobile gamers, our unique recruitment strategy helps our clients say “yes” to more opportunities.

In today’s world, we know there’s a lot of concern about sample quality. What’s your philosophy and approach to it?

Data quality is central to our DNA at InnovateMR; as such, we have assembled the best and brightest sampling professionals to oversee our quality standards. InnovateMR harnesses the power of automated technology to track member performance longitudinally, built on an advanced scoring methodology that allocates points for various behaviors. In isolation, a point may not be indicative of a suspicious user, however, when these points begin to accumulate, it becomes quickly apparent that a more nefarious user is attempting to access the InnovateMR panel. As such, prompt action is taken against the prospective panelist by silently deactivating their account.  Quality measures include open-end response analysis in real-time by our proprietary Text Analyzer™ technology. Red-herring questions are presented to participants to test engagement and panel honesty. Straight-lining and speedy completions are monitored and logged inside our system. Digital fingerprinting technology is used to detect the use of proxy servers and other variables indicative of fraudulent behavior (e.g., inconsistent browser and operating language use, mismatch of geography and IP address, etc.). InnovateMR also uses mobile verification, multi-factor authentication, Hidden ReCaptcha (Google API), as well as APIs serviced by the US Postal Service and FedEx to validate self-reported address data. The InnovateMR team has invested heavily in building a system that actively monitors for fraud, detects potential red flags, and encourages accurate and reliable responses.

If you were able to give one piece of advice to everyone conducting a research study, what would it be?

Sourcing high-quality sample can be an arduous road with many pitfalls and threats along the way. If you are finding exceptionally cheap and cheerful sources of sample, it is probably too good to be true. Do not be afraid to ask the tough questions. Get specific, be relentless, and leave your naiveté at the door. Recruiting genuine niche audiences is an investment, and as such, sourcing sample for your survey requires an investment on your end too. As I have said before, buying high-quality participants is not expensive, it is simply priceless!

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