Sample Marketplace Provider Spotlight – Lucid

Sample Marketplace Provider Spotlight - Lucid

Editors Note: With our expanded Sample Marketplace capabilities within FocusVision Decipher, we wanted to spotlight the sample providers enabling your quest for better, faster research.

Tell us about Lucid?

Lucid is a programmatic research technology platform. Our Marketplace enables anyone, in any industry, to ask questions of online audiences and find the answers they need – fast. We provide access to a global community of sample buyers and suppliers to deliver first-party survey data in more than 100 countries.

Inspired by the AdTech world, Lucid introduced the concept of programmatic sampling to the insights industry. In 2010, we pioneered a technology that delivered the speed and scale needed to connect sample buyers and online survey platforms – across the globe. Today, that technology has allowed more than 30 billion questions to be answered on our platform.

What makes Lucid unique?

Lucid integrations also include global data platforms and best-in-class media platforms, which enable customers to access sophisticated data measurement solutions. Additionally, Lucid’s Trust and Safety team tracks and enhances the health of our Marketplace through a robust auditing system that monitors activity, both on the buy-side and supply-side. This initiative builds more accountability with Marketplace participants, enables survey improvement, and promotes a better respondent experience.

What types of studies are your sweet spot?

Lucid is a flexible platform that powers more than traditional market research; we also enable academic research, political polling, brand lift studies, and even ad measurement.

In today’s world, we know there’s a lot of concern about sample quality. What’s your philosophy and approach to it?

We launched the Lucid Quality Program, the industry’s first and only sample quality measurement initiative to evaluate suppliers. All of our supply partners are carefully vetted for sample quality, which is measured on a quarterly basis.

The Lucid Quality Program was developed with an independent, third-party contractor specializing in data measurement. The cornerstone of the program is its unique methodology for scoring suppliers, which measures a combination of historical supplier-level platform data and performance data, which are collected through “quality surveys.” This allows us to monitor trends with our supply partners’ sample and identify areas of improvement.

If you were able to give one piece of advice to everyone conducting a research study, what would it be?

If you’re sampling on a tight budget, it’s important to find a sample source that offers sustainable scale. Greater scale allows you to quickly find the audiences you need, which is especially important for running multinational studies. So, if you have direct access to a high volume of respondents, you can do all your sampling in one place – allowing for more time savings and cost savings.

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