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Market Cube

Editors Note: With our expanded Sample Marketplace capabilities within FocusVision Decipher, we wanted to spotlight the sample providers enabling your quest for better, faster research.

Tells us about Market Cube?

Market Cube is a global full-service online research operations company delivering more than 14 million survey completes annually. We own and operate global panels that enable access to more than 5 million vetted and deeply profiled consumer, B2B, and patient populations in 50 countries. Our technology-led approach provides quick access to nationwide or niche audiences for clients in more than 40 industries. In February of 2020, Market Cube became part of Schlesinger Group, adding comprehensive capabilities, facilities, and tools for in-person and online qualitative and quantitative data collection.

What makes Market Cube unique?

We blend advanced data science and automation to deeply profile our respondents and deliver richer insights faster. Our proprietary predictive models match surveys with the best-fit respondents in real time. With no project minimums, our agile approach allows clients to dictate the delivery process based on their specific requirements. Additionally, our automated research operations, from bidding to invoicing, help us deliver better research outcomes at scale.

What types of studies are your sweet spot?

In the consumer and healthcare space, we enable studies targeting anyone in the general population, including moms, teens, ethnic groups, a variety of patients, and more. We do great with B2B targets as well, especially in the IT, banking, financial services, insurance, manufacturing, and retail sectors. Using our global reach and diverse panels, we excel at finding hard-to-reach audiences. We also have a specialty panel for blue-collar workers.

In today’s world, we know there’s a lot of concern about sample quality. What’s your philosophy and approach to it?

Respondent quality and engagement drive our success. In order to maintain a diverse, high-quality sample, we onboard people through multi-layered quality checks, including digital fingerprinting, IP screening, email validation, double opt-ins, and even LinkedIn verification.

We also have an advanced proprietary mechanism – Quality Score™, which ranks respondents in real time based on their engagement and in-survey response patterns. Combined with technologies from Imperium, MaxMind, and SampleChain, Market Cube identifies fraudulent behavior in almost real time and takes corrective measures to maximize the accuracy of insights data.

If you were able to give one piece of advice to everyone conducting a research study, what would it be?

To achieve quality research outcomes that deliver great insights, place emphasis on minimizing bias and improving the quality of your data. It is best to partner with a sample provider who recruits from multiple sources and has built a diverse and deeply profiled pool of respondents.

Be curious about the panel quality and diversity. Always ask your sample provider from where the respondents are recruited, and how they are validated. Finally, leverage the knowledge of your sample partner to understand project feasibility, and how to get the most from your study.

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