Simple Adjustments Can Make a Big Difference

Being able to see and hear people brings them, their views and their world to life. While face-to-face conversations are often optimal, virtual interviewing can go a long way to delivering that human connection.

To help with this, here are two simple adjustments that can enhance the connection between you and your participants.

Check your lighting

Lighting is key to any good video capture. It’s important for all participants to see you, and each other, clearly, and be able to take visual cues from facial expressions and body language.

It is also important to consider is the direction of the light source, with respect to you and your computer screen. Your primary light source should shine on your face. This can come from turning on the ceiling lights or using a desk lamp placed behind your screen. By contrast, a strong light source directly behind you will put your face in silhouette, making it harder for people to see your expressions.

Bad lighting during an InterVu Now session can cause a silhouette making it difficult for other participants to see you clearly.
Bad Lighting
Good lighting during an InterVu Now session makes it easier for participants to see your facial expressions.
Good Lighting

Look & talk to your webcam

Now that participants can see you clearly, the next step is to build that connection. One way of doing this is to look directly at your webcam while speaking. This helps participants feel that you are speaking directly to them.

A participant in an InterVu Now session demonstrates looking directly at the webcam while speaking.

This is not always easy, as we naturally look to people’s faces for feedback while we are speaking. It is also tricky to keep up throughout the session, particularly when you are paying attention to participants as they talk, and are taking visual cues from their expressions and body language. With that in mind, it’s good practice to maintain webcam “eye contact” at the outset as introductions and the opening discussion takes place, and during any summary recaps or topic changes.

Put your webcam adjustments to the test.

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