Tips and Tricks for Building Survey Questions with FocusVision Decipher

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New to FocusVision Decipher? Here are some Tips and Tricks to help you get started.

By now you’ve decided you need to run a survey and collect insights on your target audience. Asking the right questions is a first step towards building a better business (see our Getting Started Series for more on this). But when running a survey, we must also think about how we go about collecting consumer feedback. Getting quality feedback depends on providing the right experience for those taking your survey. Build a clear and engaging survey that will encourage your audience to provide the thoughtful and accurate insights you seek for your business. Here are a few tips for getting started.

Mobile First Survey Design

We live in a mobile world. Our latest research has shown that close to 40% of survey takers will attempt to reach your survey on a smartphone. It is therefore important that your survey renders well on these smaller screen devices. Smartphone users are 1.5 X more likely to abandon a survey that is not mobile friendly. In a previous blog post, we outlined simple steps to ensure a mobile-friendly survey, including

  1. Make it big – enlarge input areas, suitable for touch tap events; ensure font sizes are large enough to be read on the smaller screen
  2. Cut the clutter – reduce content so that you have room to make things larger: keep text, rows, and column length to a minimum
  3. Limit input events to swipe and touch tap events – while drag and drop and typing are easy to do on the PC, these input methods are more difficult on the smartphone and encourage mobile respondents to abandon a survey

As you build out your survey you can use the preview window to view how your question will look. You will have the option to preview the question as it would look on a PC, tablet, or smartphone. This way you can ensure a user-friendly survey experience for everyone, regardless of which device they use to take your survey.

When building survey questions you can use the device preview option to see how your questions will look on screen.

Building Survey Questions: Interactive Question Types

Interactive questions provide a graphical and dynamic way for respondents to take your survey. These question types are not only visually appealing but can make the survey experience easier and more engaging.

FocusVision Decipher boasts over 80 interactive questions types. You can choose the one that will be appropriate for your needs. A star – rating question, for instance, is an instantly recognized form that is widely used in many application to evaluate a service, product or experience. Survey respondents will find this question type familiar and easy to use.

Building survey questions is easy with FocusVision Decipher which has over 80 interactive questions types. Shown here is a 5-star rating question.

Another favorite is the card sort. The survey respondent rates one item, then a new item slides across the screen to be rated. This provides a graphical and user-friendly way to rate several items and is an excellent alternative to a grid formatted question. Research has shown the card sort question may help reduce survey drop-out. Respondents can carefully consider one item at a time. The text and answer selection areas are enlarged, which is perfectly suitable for mobile devices, and the ‘slide in’ animation adds a stimulating visual effect.

When building survey questions a popular option is the card sort question type.

Test and Re-Test your Survey Questions

To ensuring your survey will be effective at capturing the insights you need, you must to test and re-test your survey. Take your survey as if you were a survey respondent. This can help you pinpoint if there are any problem areas that might cause confusion or encourage someone to abandon your survey. Look for text that is illegible. Is your wording confusing or too complex to follow? Are there any tasks that take too long or are difficult to manage? If that’s the case, your survey respondents will have trouble.

Be sure to take full advantage of FocusVision Decipher’s testing tools, including spell check, single page view (for getting a quick overview of the entire survey) and shortcut links for making edits on the fly. Run test data and this will fill your survey with dummy data. This is a critical step to ensure your respondent terminates, quotas and skips are working as you intended. If dummy data is being populated in areas that it’s not supposed you can make your changes before launching your survey.

When building survey questions running test datas will fill your survey out with dummy data to help you test that everything is working as expected.

Always remember that surveys are a two-way conversation. You have questions and want to collect feedback and insights from consumers. And on the other side, there is someone with opinions and answers your questions. Be mindful of their time and make every consideration towards ensuring a positive survey experience that allows them to express those opinions. A quality survey means quality data insights and good brand experience.

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