Survox and FocusVision Launch Multi-Mode Solution to Extend Reach and Enrich Customer Insights

Fresno, CA – July 26, 2016 – FocusVision, the global leader in market research technology, today announced the availability of interactive voice response technology through Survox IVR for FocusVision, a multi-mode solution that enables marketers and insights leaders to add automated phone interviewing to any online study.

Survox IVR for FocusVision allows customers to voice their opinions – and researchers to hear their feedback – while maintaining and analyzing all the data within the FocusVision Decipher platform.

According to Allen Porter, Survox Vice President of Client Services, “Survox’s expertise in phone-survey research combined with our knowledge of respondent targeting now provides FocusVision customers with more coverage options and efficient ways to gain rich insights.”


Survox IVR allows market researchers to hear the voice of the customer describe an experience or offer an opinion. Recordings can be used to augment reports and shared with the service teams.

“The power of voice in enriching quantitative data and providing added perspective is well recognized. With Survox IVR, we extend the value of the FocusVision Decipher platform, and build upon our overall goal of linking qualitative and quantitative research to achieve deeper customer insights”

Jayme Plunkett, FocusVision Chief Technology Officer

Re-Thinking Multi-Mode

Survox IVR for FocusVision opens more data collection options to researchers so they can choose the right strategy without concern for mixing technology platforms. Survox IVR for FocusVision enables a Decipher online survey to be fielded as an automated phone interview with all data from either mode populating the Decipher database. Decipher reports show multi-mode data collection — one survey, several collection methods, and one response repository.

The Survox-FocusVision partnership frees researchers and customer insights managers to design the data collection strategy that best fits their audience without incurring the costs and challenges of integrating disparate technologies and vendors.

Broaden Reach, Capture Quality Insights Faster

Survox IVR for FocusVision allows researchers to widen their addressable market and increases response rates by allowing the respondent to choose the reply vehicle they find most convenient.

For inbound surveys, a retailer can, after a point-of-sale transaction, include at the bottom of the receipt an invitation with an 800# to an automated phone interview (IVR) and a URL to a web survey to record the customer’s experience. In the case of an outbound-driven survey, Survox IVR for FocusVision can extend the strategic reach of online surveys by recruiting respondents from under-represented groups into the study.

Through dynamic quota management and respondent targeting, Survox IVR for FocusVision ensures all customer types—including seniors, rural and select socio-economic groups—are represented in the feedback, reducing demographic bias and speeding time to insights.

Survox IVR: Democratizing Phone Survey Research

Survox IVR for FocusVision continues Survox’s mission to make phone more accessible for multi-mode survey research by driving down costs and removing technical barriers. Survox IVR for FocusVision is available now for implementation with Decipher surveys.

Contact Survox at or for more information.

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