Team Spotlight: FocusVision’s QA Team

Meet FocusVision’s Quality Assurance Specialist Team

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Meet: The Quality Assurance Team!

FocusVision’s Quality Assurance Specialist Team is chiefly responsible for maintaining the exceptionally high level of quality of FocusVision’s clients’ surveys. Members of the 18-person QA team work out of FocusVision’s Fresno and Bulgaria offices.

The QA team works to verify that FocusVision’s surveys function according to specifications and standards, follow formalized quality assurance and project processes, and proofread research documents for logic patterns. Quality Assurance Specialists test surveys in multiple languages, perform data quality checks, mobile device testing, and a variety of other survey elements.

In 2015, the QA team tested over 2,000 surveys! The QA team is credited for helping provide a flawless end product for many of FocusVision’s clients including Research Solutions Inc., eBay, LinkedIn, Ipsos, Universal Music Group, Critical Mix, VISA, Shutterfly, Netflix and Marketing Evolution.

Join us in congratulating the QA Team on their contribution to FocusVision’s continued success!

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