The All-New InterVu – A Seamless User Experience for Your Online Focus Groups

FocusVision InterVu

We are surrounded by exceptional consumer technology in our everyday lives. Think about your mobile phone. Chances are it works without you thinking about it. You navigate easily within an app and seamlessly jump from one app to the next without pause. It is all so commonplace that we don’t think about it at all, never mind thinking how exceptional it is, and how dramatically user experience has improved in just over a decade and a half.

The pace of change hasn’t been so quick in enterprise technology. Indeed, it was only in 2017 that Mary Meeker noted a growing movement where end-users were demanding consumer quality product experiences. Where they are “as well designed, easy to use, and reliable as consumer apps.”

Unfortunately, many research technology platforms still don’t deliver that user-friendly, reliable, and seamless experience. Think about running an online focus group. You’ll need to use multiple applications just to collect the data. For example, there’s email for communication and scheduling, excel for participant management, video conferencing for running the group, and potentially another offering to conduct exercises during the session. It a lot to manage and far from a seamless user experience.

That’s why I’m so excited we are introducing the all-new FocusVision InterVu. A freshly-built intuitive and easy-to-navigate platform designed not just with the live group session in mind but also the surrounding project management aspects including booking, scheduling, participant management, and more.

Curious to see if it’s as good as it sounds? Watch this short video to see for yourself.

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