The Relevance of Customer Truth™ In Today’s CX Market

The focus of Marketing has completely changed in the digital world as the quest for real-time insights and data-driven decision-making has become crucial for the survival of their role and to be seen to make a positive impact across the entire organization. Similar shifts are occurring in the Experience market. Fueled by organizations focused on customer experience, we have seen budgets and responsibilities shift from a traditionally siloed research group that did one or two big studies a year to an always-on model where marketing and the insights team, use integrated research technology, like FocusVision, to gather small data to complement the big data coming from the marketing stack to inform and drive CX programs.

It’s the Marketers who understand what their customer thinks and feels, not just behaves, who are truly becoming empowered to create brand loyalty and create a real impact on their business. Understanding their Customer Truth™ comes from a Marketer’s understanding of the heart and mind of their customers, so they can make decisions more effectively and can have the greatest impact on their customers’ lives.

I recently sat down with RegalixTV Host, Kevin Benedict in his latest episode of Deep Dive, to discuss this evolving role of the transformational marketer and that of their research agency, the relevance that Customer Truth™ has in today’s market, and why FocusVision is the only experience insights business established to help brands understand their customers multi-dimensionally by finding their Customer Truth™.

Key Takeaways:

  • Customer Truth™ and its relevance in today’s market [06:43]
  • Purpose of solutions is to potentially engage the customer [10:21]
  • Extracting Meaning from Data [23:10]
  • How the Customer Experience market will evolve in the new 3-5 years [24:15]

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