Three Ways to Quickly Get Started Running Surveys

Three Ways to Quickly Get Started Running Surveys

FocusVision Decipher was built to support timely and cost-effective insights, enabling researchers to discover their Customer Truth. With the introduction of our most recent innovations, now there are three ways that you can start programming your online survey in FocusVision Decipher. Each method is suited to get you up and running quickly depending on your particular needs. Here’s the lowdown on those three ways to start building your survey and when you would want to use one or the other.

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Figure 1. Three ways to start building your online survey

  1. Not a research expert or want to save even more effort designing / building online surveys? Get your survey up and running with a snap by starting with a template. These are fully pre-programmed online surveys created by senior experts with decades of survey research experience to address some of the most common business needs. For example, brand awareness, brand equity, NPS, ad testing, and customer satisfaction. We’ve done the thinking for you, so you don’t have to. Even if you don’t end up fully utilizing one of our templates, you can still use them as a source of ideas—for question wording, answer options lists, or visual styling. The templates use both standard and interactive question types which you can draw inspiration from. Grab the snippets you like and customize them for your own purposes.
  2. Upload your Microsoft Word™ questionnaire document. AI machine-learning technology then detects question types and answer options, and automatically programs these into an online survey for you. Use this to significantly reduce the amount of time to have a fully programmed online survey. This is especially useful for surveys that employ many standard question types like single select radio buttons and multi-select checkbox forms. Our AI machine-learning engine can help do the programming for you so you don’t have to start from scratch.
  3. For surveys that include complex and lengthy logic or algorithms; many multi-media or dynamic visual elements, you may need to start from scratch. It may be more effective for advanced programmers to use XML or another language to build the survey and incorporate sophisticated question types, skip patterns or a highly customized survey look and feel.

It’s never been easier to build your survey your way. By uploading your Microsoft Word™ questionnaire or using one of our templates, you can speed up your online survey creation to answer your most pressing business questions quicker and more efficiently. Or do it like you’ve always done: start from scratch, for those most complex and sophisticated of programs. Whatever you needs, FocusVision Decipher has got you covered. It’s the most comprehensive, yet easy to use, professional survey and reporting solution.

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