Once Upon a Time…Elevating Research Storytelling with FV Video Insights – Part 1

A Picture of Zoe Dowling

FocusVision’s Lead Research Strategist, Zoe Dowling, recently wrapped up Part 1 of our enchanting new webinar series, entitled: Once Upon a Time – Elevating Research Storytelling with FV Video Insights. See for yourself how researchers can use video to build stories that stay in people’s minds…connecting stakeholders to key customer messages that drive definitive actions. You’ll also learn how FV Video Insights alleviates those pesky video asset challenges: secure storage, editing and sharing. And, snoop in on some pretty good Q&A to close things out.

Watch Part 1 of the Webinar Series:


The Sequel: Be sure to catch Part 2 of this series, with special emphasis on three key industries.  Click on the link of your choice below to register:

Research Agencies: April 18th

Healthcare/Pharma: April 19th 

Research Agencies: April 20th 

Email sales@focusvision.com to request an interactive demo of FV Video Insights.

Follow FocusVision and Zoe Dowling on Twitter:

Zoe Dowling



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