Use a Template to Help You Get Started Building Your Surveys

Use a Template to Help You Get Started Building Your Surveys

FocusVision Decipher is the leading enterprise survey and reporting solution that allows your organization to truly understand how your customers think and feel. Continually pushing the edge of technology to quickly deliver the insights you need, Decipher now has three ways that you can start building your surveys, including Start from Scratch, Start with a Template, and Start with Word. If you’re new to Decipher or not sure where to begin, templates are an excellent place to begin.

Templates are fully programmed surveys pre-built in FocusVision Decipher. These templates are designed to tackle common business questions that are often addressed through surveys.  This includes survey templates for an ad test, brand awareness study, and gathering customer feedback. To use a template, simply select the one that aligns with your research objective. If needed, make additional adjustment or tweaks to it, but your programmed survey would be right there to immediately launch and start collecting data.

Besides allowing you to get up and running quickly, templates can be easily explored and previewed within FocusVision Decipher, serving as an example or source of inspiration from which you can draw upon. Borrow bits and pieces of a template or use one in its entirety. And you can be sure that you’re employing the very best in technology in research practice.

  1. Survey look and feel. The templates utilize a variety of survey styles and themes. Background colors, font, and button styles can be easily modified within Theme Builder. Explore and select the visual theme that is most suitable for you and your brand
  2. Interactive question types.  Beyond the standard question types, each template also showcases and draws from the more than 25 interactive question types available in FocusVision Decipher. Learn and see examples of when and where you can use an interactive question within your survey.
  3. Question construction. Not sure what’s the proper way to word a demographic question or label an NPS scale? All of our templates utilize industry standard question designs and formatting.
  4. Survey design methods. All templates were designed and written by research experts with over 25 collective years of research experience. So if you’re not sure what’s the proper way to measure employee engagement levels or your brand equity, lean on the templates to show you how.
  5. Mobile friendly. Up to 60% may take your survey on a mobile device. Want to make sure your survey is mobile friendly? FocusVision Decipher templates apply the latest research in mobile  design to maximize survey participation and data quality

At FocusVision, we’re committed to helping you gather the customer insights you seek. Our technology offers a robust set of easy to use solutions to support advanced and novice users alike. Designed with the latest thinking and best practices in research in mind, FocusVision Decipher enables you to conduct survey research quickly, with ease and confidence.

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