Use FocusVision Decipher to Create Visually Engaging Surveys

Whether it’s a smartphone, a video, or a website, design matters. People want to have a pleasant experience with whatever it is they are interacting with. Studies have shown that website design, for instance, has an enormous impact on conversion rates. All it takes is several seconds for a person to make an assessment and judge the credibility of your website. The bulk of this initial assessment is based on visual design: colors, graphics, font, styling, look and feel.

These findings have implications for survey researchers too. It underscores the importance of designing visually appealing online surveys in order to engage participants and convey a professional and credible brand image.

Visually Engaging Survey Questions

Creating a visually appealing survey is a snap using FocusVision Decipher. Choose from dozens of built-in question designs styled to visually engage and impress. Our standard single-select and multi-select question are streamlined with a clean contemporary look. These are designed to look sharp on both desktop and mobile devices.

Looking for question types that are more graphical? FocusVision Decipher includes over 25 dynamic question types to choose from. These use the power of HTML5 and Javascript to create a dynamic and interactive user experience with surveys. Customized color schemes, images, and animations can be incorporated with dynamic question types. These can take the shape of sliders, button forms or even more sophisticated drag n drop tasks.

Theme Editor

Theme Editor is another tool within FocusVision Decipher for enhancing a survey’s visual design. With Theme Editor, there are a dozen templates to choose from to automatically transform your entire survey environment with the single click of a button. Whether you’re looking for a modern, contemporary, or an industry-specific look, the result is slick and professional looking.

Figure 1. Choose from a variety of themes to create a professional looking survey.

Should you wish to modify the background/foreground colors or change the font style and size, Theme Editor offers custom styling options as well. Furthermore, it is important to have great looking surveys for desktop, tablet and phone users. That’s why Theme Builder comes with an easy to use preview option, so you can see how your survey will look on each device.

Figure 2: Survey preview allows you to quickly see how your survey will look on desktop, tablet or smartphone.

In today’s digital world, consumers expect a visually appealing experience while online. A great looking survey makes a positive impression not only for your brand but helps keep participants engaged with your survey. With FocusVision Decipher, it has never been easier to create high-quality survey designs that look great.

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