VideoStreaming has a new look!

FocusVision VideoStreaming: Live streaming focus group video from anywhere in the world

VideoStreaming by FocusVision allows viewers everywhere to observe and interact with focus groups and IDIs. Whether you are watching live remotely or from the backroom with our new immersive FV360 Live experience, you can be a part of the action from any location!

VideoStreaming is getting a makeover, providing a more modern experience with fewer distractions. Don’t worry, VideoStreaming still has all the key functionality that makes research easy. With DVR capabilities, backroom chat, quick access to project documents, and the ability to mark key moments, VideoStreaming gives you more out of your viewing experience.

VideoStreaming’s key functionality making research easy

  • Didn’t quite catch something? DVR capabilities allow viewers to rewind to important moments they may have missed
  • Need to clarify with a colleague? Chat with other “backroom” viewers
  • Need an up close view of the image shared with participants? Quick access to project documents allows you to easily share discussion guides and stimuli
  • Want to remind yourself of something later? Marking flags key moments that you can reference later during analysis. You can even apply tags to help you keep these organized, or quickly jog your memory.

Regular features aren’t going away

  • Technicians are always on hand to help get everyone up and running as quickly as possible
  • Upload and share pertinent documents, discussion guides and stimuli
  • Interact with other observers with real-time backroom chat
  • Add coded or ad-hoc timestamps to the video for quick navigation during playback


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