Want to Delight Your Customers? Don’t Forget to Ask

Want to Delight Your Customers

As brands, we want to create products, services, and experiences that enrich our customers’ lives. Ones that delight them so that they remain loyal to the brand. To do this, we need to understand our customer truth: Why they do what they do. How they think, feel, and act. The best way to uncover this is to ask.

We can learn a lot by simply asking ‘why.’

We can discover motivations. Why did they make a certain purchase, why they only use a particular product, why are they loyal to a particular brand?

We can delve deep into their lives.

We can gain a clear picture of how they go about their routines, their jobs, their hobbies, their lives. We can understand their attitudes and values. We can hear the language that they use.

We can push the boundaries.

Asking questions of our customers can help generate ideas to shape marketing strategy, provide communications, and uncover incremental and whitespace innovation areas.

We can confirm we are on target.

We can assess their reactions to ad campaigns, new product launches, customer experience, and more to confirm we are on the right track or provide insight into course-correction action.

Ask qualitatively and quantitatively.

All these questions and more can be answered in various ways, from surveys to test hypotheses and quantify findings to qualitative research through online communities, in-person, and webcam focus groups for deep explorations. As a broad rule of thumb, use qualitative to explore and quantitative to generalize to your broader population.

When we ask the right questions in the right way, that’s when we truly get to know our customers, are able to serve their needs, and ultimately create brand loyalists and advocates that amplify our brand message and help our company grow.

For more, see this downloadable infographic: Uncovering your Customer Truth – Ask, and Keep Asking.

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